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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 / 10

Truly abysmal...

The title alone for this 2022 horror movie was more than sufficient to make me stop and pick up the movie. And with it being a horror movie that I had not heard about, nor watched obviously, then of course I opted to sit down and watch what writer and director Dick Dale had to offer with this movie.

The narrative in the movie was hard to find. You have to look long and hard to find a red thread throughout the course of the movie. This felt most of all just like random stuff that Dick Dale had filmed and put together for a movie. Many of the scenes were insanely random and served zero purpose in order to further the narrative that was nearly non-existing.

Needless to say that I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress on the cast list in this low budget horror movie. And believe it not, but that is actually something I enjoy when watching movies; seeing new and unfamiliar talents and faces on the screen, and thus not accidentally associating them with previously portrayed characters from other movies. And the acting performances in the movie were sort of adequate; some were okay, some not so good. But with a movie such as this, what would you expect?

Every scene was filmed with either a blue filter or a purple filter, which I didn't understand. Why not show the movie in its proper original colors?

The special effects in the movie were exactly that; special. The blood spray effects in the movie are pretty atrocious to look at. Amazing how someone actually could green-light those fake CGI blood sprays and go "yeah, they look alright to me, not fake at all".

This movie was an atrociously difficult movie to sit through and enjoy. And I have to say that I turned off the movie 14 minutes into the ordeal. I just found nothing worthwhile in those prolonged 14 minutes wasted of my life, and there was no entertainment value to "Ribspreader" at all. And believe you me, I am never returning to give this movie a second chance.

My rating of the dumpster fire that is "Ribspreader" lands on a one out of ten stars.

Reviewed by faust777 10 / 10

The king of sleaze!

Dick Dale has delivered in spades with this his first feature after 20 plus years of giving us some of the most demented and hilarious short films. Ribspreader has something for everyone, but is mainly a love letter to sleaze and horror fans. Equal parts hilarious and dark, there's plenty of blood and gore on show. It really does pack a lot in for a modest budget. Action, blood, gore, sex punk rock and comedy. Also has some of the funniest Australian slang I've heard in a film and cameos from some of Australia's most loved underground musicians and performers. If don't enjoy this film on some level, you might not have a soul! See it!

Reviewed by aidanbutcher 10 / 10

The most "out there" film ever from Adelaide.

Dick aimed for the most "out there" film to come from Adelaide and I think he did it!

This film is just so much fun! I am so glad he got this to fly on the budget he did!

If you are tired of films with your average person in it and high budget effects this film is it!

A cast of punks/ Lesser known alternative types , retro vehicles and technology. Crass , school yard like antics and Aussie humour make this movie probably the funnest film I've seen since the 80's low budget horror films.

Dick has always been a laugh since I saw him front "Gacy's place" ( punk band from the 90's).

You need to check out "Busted" Dick's earlier work on you tube too! Australia needs more blokes like him!

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