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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arvinjanasis 7 / 10

"Change happens. Tragedy happens."

Rewind Honest review... If you have another chance to go back to the past and alter the current events of your life to save the one you love, would you do it?

Stories with "time travel" has been one of the common case scenario in today's movies and tv series but how the story tellers pull of that kind of storyline is the question of the day. In this Filipino film entry, the time travel plot is similar to other movies and it was said that the film's plot was somehow similar to the 2004 film "If Only." I could say the same thing about the execution of this film. It is something that we have seen before only with a bit difference.

But as some viewers watch for the plot itself, the lessons learned from this movie is what makes this movie standout. The movie's real story begins when the deal between John and "Lods" took place. This time, there's a chance to alter the reality where John is currently living. Things happen because they have to happen. "Change happens. Tragedy happens. People make choices, and those choices affect everyone else" And those events in our lives ought to change us for the better. To make us a better version of ourselves. Events are truly meant to be a "fixed point in time." But this film reminds us that despite the fact where time can be reversed is truly impossible, our God is God of second chances. -but never make a deal or a promise that you couldn't keep.

It's a family film but if you have already lost someone, you'll feel the emotion more in this film as well.

Cons: -too much ads and some of them are too pushy -funny scenes are added during some emotional scenes (teka kala ko shark) -plot is typical / usual Pros: -the lessons learned -the performance of the lead cast -a movie that reminds us to trust God even during our lowest Rewind film is 7.5/10 for me.

Too many misses, too few hits.

Reviewed by ana_k31 8 / 10

Grabe daming bashers.

Please note that I'm not a DongYan fan. And I think that Marian Rivera acted somehow kind of support in this movie, if it wasn't for the opening narration and the end sequence. And it was more of Dingdong Dantes , who actually made me feel the movie better.

Don't get me wrong, Marian made me cry as well.

But, it's just that the movie really is about the man who has everything but fails to appreciate it. That was until, he lost his loving wife in an accident. Both the car accident and the video which triggered her getting mad at him.

Now, we know why Lods told Austin that tomorrow his dad will be proud of him. It's because it's the day of second chances.

The character of Lods was wonderfully set. As it can mean that God is within and every of us. Cue song: One of Us.

I'm turning into a crybaby, especially when it comes to films. But, glad to know that I'm not the only one who got eyes filled with tears.

Reviewed by underneathmyskin-95661 8 / 10

One great movie!

"Rewind" unfolds as a poignant narrative for couples yearning to rewrite their past, delivering a heartfelt exploration of the universal desire for second chances. The film skillfully captures the complexities of relationships, prompting viewers to reflect on their own lives and appreciate the significance of each moment spent with loved ones. Through the journey of the husband and wife protagonists, "Rewind" serves as a gentle reminder to cherish the present and prioritize the people who matter most. The storyline also delicately underscores the importance of individuality within the context of marriage, particularly urging wives not to lose sight of their own identity in the pursuit of shared goals. With its emotional depth and relatable themes, "Rewind" is a compelling cinematic experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

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