Reverse the Curse


Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61% · 36 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95%
IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 294 294


Top cast

David Duchovny as Marty
Stephanie Beatriz as Mariana
Pamela Adlon as Blauner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daveroseman-35849 6 / 10

You Made Me Tear Up Duchovny

This film is about three people brought together by one thing, impending death. Marty (David Duchovny) has a fatal illness. Marty's only child, Ted (Logan Marshall-Green) a Peanut slinger. Mariana (Stephanie Beatriz) is Marty's 'Death Nurse' someone who helps make a persons last days a little better. Ted decides to also make Marty's brief future a little better as well. I really enjoyed this film that Duchovny wrote and directed as well. It will make you laugh, feel good, and at times shed a tear or two. The supporting cast was strong as well with Pamela Adlon (Blauner), Jason Beghe (Tango Sam), Evan Handler (Benny), Santo Fazio (Shticker) and Daphne Rubin-Vega (Eva). This film will definitely make you decide to call your Dad especially if you haven't done so in a while.

Reviewed by zkonedog 6 / 10

Doesn't Fully Capture The Emotion The Book Offered

Reverse the Curse was a film I desperately wanted to love. I'm a huge fan of David Duchovny's acting, writing, & directing, and have read the source material (his own "Bucky F*ing Dent" novel) from which this is based. Sadly, Reverse the Curse didn't emotionally connect with me in the same way the book did.

For a very basic overview, this movie tells the story of Ted Fullilove (Logan Marshall-Green)--a 1970s Yankee Stadium peanut-vendor who gets the dreaded call that his quasi-estranged, Red Sox-rooting father Marty (Duchovny) is dying. As the two awkwardly reconnect, they discover that a shared interest in baseball may help the relationship flourish in its final weeks.

In a sense, Reverse the Curse is a relatively straightforward "strained father/son relationship" flick. As writer, director, & producer, Duchovny definitely puts his unique comedic/philosophical touches on the material and one can tell he is genuinely trying to create real emotion (even often through the lens of Californication-like comedy).

But overall, the experience largely comes up short in two distinct categories:

First, this is a period piece (1970s) that doesn't seem like it whatsoever. Perhaps budgetary restrictions are the main culprit, but I never felt absorbed into 70s culture like I should have been.

Also--and most egregious--is the puzzling lack of baseball content in the film. While by no means a "baseball movie" at heart, Reverse the Curse puts forth surprisingly little mention of baseball whatsoever until the final act. In the novel, I remember the Marty/Ted relationship being defined by baseball and more material of Teddy at Yankee Stadium. That isn't the case in the cinematic version--and I think it is sorely missed.

As such, I have to cap my ranking of Reverse the Curse at 6/10 stars. Though featuring a strong setup and genuine heart behind the entire project, it seems a bit too much was "lost in translation" in the book-to-screen adaptation process.

Reviewed by williams9 7 / 10

Kept rooting for it but ended up with a walk

I'm trying to think of some lame baseball reference to sum up this movie. Passed Ball, maybe. Balk. Foul out. Hit by pitch. These choices don't really get there.

Neither did the movie.

I was rooting for it. I really was.

The baseball part of it was barely part of the plot. And there were so many holes in the idea (no spoilers) they became hard to ignore. It's a comedy. There is some length here. Some times it was really strained.

And lots of scenes that didn't reveal anything, didn't raise the stakes, didn't move the plot. There was never much tension about what might happen. The scene in the trailer with the two leads standing naked together -- what was that for? You could go out to for more popcorn and you wouldn't have missed much except for a vague dick joke.

So many pitches fouled off.

It felt like there were a lot of choices made just to keep the budget low. Best example was the finale. Meh. Also hard to believe. There are no Red Sox fans in New Jersey. :-)

Great acting. Production values fine. I loved the Yankees fan kid.

Hard to get behind this team.

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