Revenge of the Empire of the Apes


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 2.5/10 10 52 52


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by connerjkyle 10 / 10


Let's delve deeper into the cosmic tapestry of "Revenge of the Empire of the Apes," where laser-wielding simians pirouette through existential quandaries. Picture a universe where dialogue blooms like exotic orchids, and General Apeface-played by the illustrious Thespian McBanana-juggles pineapples while pondering the meaning of life. The special effects? A kaleidoscope of colors as rocket-powered coconuts soar across the screen. Composer Ludwig van Orangutan's haunting ballad, "Love in the Time of Banana Split," resonates in our souls like a forgotten memory. McBanana's tearful rendition of "I'm Just a Primate Standing in Front of a Banana, Asking It to Love Me" deserves accolades beyond our earthly honors. In summary, this film defies gravity, logic, and perhaps the very fabric of the space-time continuum. I hereby award it 10 out of 10 twinkling stars. Bravo, simians! Bravo! Remember, dear viewer, art is subjective. Some may prefer brooding dramas or highbrow documentaries. But if you're ready to swing from the chandeliers of cinematic delight, grab your popcorn and join the ape revolution!

Reviewed by yaknow-15893 1 / 10

Oops, I wasn't paying attention.

I was just kind of going through the motions to watch a movie and I wasn't paying attention. I actually thought it was going to be the new Planet of the Apes movie. It took about 30 seconds to realize my mistake, again, not paying much attention. Then I thought I had possibly gotten a p0rn0 so I thought it wasn't going to be all bad. It was all bad let me tell you. I quickly realized it was not going to be a p0rn0 because p0rn0's have much better acting. I went back and looked at the cover for the movie which I had not paid any attention to. The cover is definitely an indication of how bad this movie is. There are no spoilers in this review because there is nothing to spoil. I have reached my minimum so I'm done. Bye.

Reviewed by / 10

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