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Chace Crawford as Mathew
Jillian Bell as Vivian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bangel3322 7 / 10

Good fun

I think the score of 5 is pretty harsh, I actually thought this movie was really good.

True it could have been a bit polished in certain places and packed in even more jokes, but I enjoyed it.

I think Lil Rel Howery is brilliant in this, he almost reminds me of Kevin Hart, who might have been a better lead in this, just due to the fact he is such a great comedian and would have brought more laughs in.

The cast is good; they're all established actors, but I can't help but feel a different cast would have made a massive difference. I like Jamie Chung, I like Nina Dobrev, but not all actors suit comedy roles.

I did like the murder reveal at the end, guessed part of it, but the final reveal was a bit of a surprise.

All in all, had some really good laughs, could have been better but I enjoyed it.

Reviewed by hailtotheredskins 5 / 10

Plot Melts in the Snow

This was a well acted movie. The theme has been done a lot lately Knives Out, Death on the Nile, A Haunting in Venice, and Bodies Bodies Bodies. Who done its are usually good at worst.

The writing was fairly good except three feet of snow was about three inches. How did Matthew's wife drive to the home and back to the alibi town where she was supposedly staying? How did all the guests get home from the party in 3 ft of snow, but the main characters were supposedly stranded?

This was a major flaw and I don't look to pick movies apart. I like just watching them. A few scenes showed people walking outside a few hours after the supposed storm. Hardly three feet. It was a nuisance storm. No one could have shoveled or plowed. Therefore, this was the real mystery. Where did the snow go?

Reviewed by scottkolflat 5 / 10


Netflix's "Reunion" stands as a prime example of missed potential and lazy execution. What could have been an engaging and suspenseful whodunit instead devolves into a tedious and predictable film that fails to capture the viewer's interest. Directed by Chris Nelson, "Reunion" is marred by poor writing, unlikable characters, and an overly obvious plot that leaves little to the imagination.

The film's premise-a group of high school acquaintances reuniting at a rich classmate's house for their high school reunion only to confront a series of mysterious events-promises intrigue but delivers mediocrity. The writing is uninspired and formulaic, with dialogue that feels forced and unnatural. Characters spout lines that sound more like exposition dumps than genuine conversation, making it difficult to invest in their plights.

Perhaps the most glaring flaw of "Reunion" is its cast of unlikable characters. Each one is a walking cliché. These characters are so steeped in their stereotypes that they never transcend them, resulting in a group that is more annoying than endearing. Their interactions are devoid of depth, and their motivations are shallow, making it hard to care about their fates.

The film's plot is equally problematic. Any seasoned viewer will easily guess the identity of the culprit long before the big reveal, thanks to clumsy foreshadowing and an overreliance on red herrings that do little to mislead. The so-called twists are telegraphed well in advance, stripping away any potential for surprise or suspense. By the time the film reaches its climax, the audience is left feeling more vindicated than shocked, having figured out the ending far too early.

The pacing of "Reunion" is another major issue. The story drags in parts where it should be building tension and rushes through moments that could have provided crucial character development. This erratic pacing makes it hard to stay engaged, and many viewers will likely find their attention waning as the film progresses.

Even on a technical level, "Reunion" fails to impress. The cinematography is bland and uninspired, with generic shots that do little to enhance the mood or atmosphere. The score, meant to heighten the tension, often feels disconnected from the on-screen action, further diminishing any potential impact. But the worst part is the lack of anything funny in this "comedy".

In conclusion, "Reunion" is a disappointing and forgettable entry in the thriller/comedy genre. With lazy writing, unlikable characters, and a plot that is painfully easy to unravel, the film offers little to engage or entertain. For those seeking a gripping and well-crafted mystery, "Reunion" is one reunion better left unattended.

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