Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave


Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 16% · 5K ratings
IMDb Rating 3.3/10 10 4745 4.7K


Top cast

Peter Coyote as Uncle Charles
Jenny Mollen as Jenny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by argentobuff 2 / 10

The Nail in the coffin.

After the last one ROTLD 5 sounded bad.In fact it is bad.It is just another recycling of the classic first film.But it seems that the mythos have been trashed this time around.Since when do regular bullets kill the Trioxin Bunch?I can except that in a Romero movie.But seriously this is the ROTLD Series!

The Only plus here are the exceptional Make-up EFX.The Zombies looks pretty good and Imaginative.As for the locations you can tell they filmed this in some part eastern European.

Action-wise.No one here is really engaging or memorable.Bad Lines.Bland Acting.Recycled characters for a Wes Craven Teenybopper flick.It is fun to watch Peter Cyotoe slum it again for a paycheck..

Not recommend.Even on a minimal entertainment level.

Reviewed by darklordnin2 2 / 10

What The Hell??

This movie sucked... period. The storyline was so stupid! It wasn't even good in a bad way. The acting is even worse than the story is. The zombies in this movie look really really bad. The gore looks extremely fake, and the zombies are supposed to be unstoppable in the return of the living dead films! They didn't even stay true to the first 3 movies! That's sad that some crappy company had to just throw the "return of the living dead" tag on the movie, and disgrace the old films. I don't know why anyone would allow this movie to be released. As a die hard zombie movie fan, I am offended that someone could possibly think this piece of crap movie was any good.

If your gonna watch a return of the living dead flick... i suggest that it be one of the first 3 movies. Avoid this one at all costs!!!!

Reviewed by doublenickle59 2 / 10

What the...?

The first time I saw this one was on TV and I hadn't seen the previous one (Necropolis). I passed off the flaws in this move as it just being edited for TV. However, after watching the DVD of both Necropolis and this movie, this one is crap. It almost completely ignores the last movie, even though the same characters are in it. Granted, I've never met a zombie, but I think that it I had to deal with the living dead not only once, but twice, I would remember, and probably remark on it. Plus, the main character getting all weepy and upset about his uncle dying is a joke. In Necropolis, he didn't even seem to like his uncle to begin with. Then, his uncle tried to kill him, was responsible for the deaths of his parents, his little brother, and most of his friends. Plus, his uncle turned his parents in zombie super-soldiers that were programmed to kill him! Why would he be upset when his uncle died? Then there's the character of Becky. Her character completely changed from the last movie to this one, transforming from a smart, nerdy, innocent girl to a ditsy, sex crazed blond bimbo. And then, she dies, and it doesn't matter. She was a main character, and now she's in two scenes and has three lines and is tossed away. Have these filmmakers ever even seen a movie, let alone make one before? They obviously never saw ROTLD 1-3. It's no wonder that Necropolis and this piece of crap don't have any continuity with ROTLD 1-3, since they don't even have continuity between each other.

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