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Reviewed by cahidi 1 / 10


The maker of this so called documentary is the living proof of how people with the lowest IQ can still make something to watch. No matter how stupid the contents of the movie is. This so called documentary is compiled without any hard evidence, yet they're flapping their mouths so bravely. Don't they know that the world are cruel to idiots? Aren't they scared of being ridiculed for the rest of their miserable lives? Cause to be honest, I find this so called documentary much much much more stupid than the one about flat Earth. Can you imagine something more stupid than flat-Earth people? Well, you're looking at this so called documentary now. Don't fill your head with this garbage. Find something much much much better to kill your time. Even if it's free, don't watch it.

Reviewed by roydo43 1 / 10

Ridiculous drivel

Right off the bat the Director sits down and says he's not a big believer in conspiracy theories and the like and doesn't scour the internet for such stories but then goes on to say he's a big fan of the paranormal and how he saw a Star Wars-like space cruiser fly over his house as a kid. ANYONE who believes in Lizard People absolutely believes in conspiracies and the associated BS that accompanies it.

This is not a cheap production and time and effort has been put into this film but don't go into this thinking you'll hear rational discussion about this topic, be prepared to listen to a cavalcade of questionable/paranoid characters discussing their theories that the world government is controlled by bipedal lizards masquerading as people.

UAPs Greys Roswell Reptilians Pleiadians Shadow governments Are all covered. It's silly paranoid and fear mongering drivel. I'm sure there is an audience somewhere for this but nothing new or insightful is presented here and appears to be cash grab capitalizing on the recent UAP conversations.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 / 10

Time to strap on your tinfoil hats...

Alrighty then, well I thought that this was actually a sci-fi movie of sorts, so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a documentary.

Now, I've seen my fair share of dubious and questionable documentaries, but "Reptilians" from writer and director Silas James Rowland definitely is the icing on the cake. When and if you opt to sit down to watch "Reptilian", you have to ensure that you are wearing your tinfoil hat a few sizes too tight.

This was definitely the most laughable documentary I've seen in ages. Talk about a laughable concept conjured up to people with way too vivid imaginations and too much time on their hands. Seriously? A race of reptilian humanoids Hellbent to take over the world? I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the absurdity that people actually being this stuff.

The visual effects and CGI effects in "Reptilians" was not particularly great. It looked and felt like something taken out of a shoddy computer game.

It takes a certain type of crackpot to believe in the topic that "Reptilians" deals with. But they are out there, sadly so.

I would not recommend you to waste 76 minutes of your life to sit down and watching "Reptilians". It just simply isn't worth the time or effort. Some of us suffered through this and took on for the team. You're very welcome.

My rating of writer and director Silas James Rowland's 2024 documentary "Reptilians" lands on a one out of ten stars.

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