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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 8 / 10

"I am a witness and I can't remain silent."

After seeing a number of stunning titles at the event, I looked for a final movie to view at the online WOW Film Festival. Intrigued by the plot details on the site,I got set to visit the hospital.

View on the film:

Going down every long empty corridor with Rehana, writer/ director Abdullah Mohammad Saad reunites with cinematographer Tuhin Tamijul and scans the location with a deep blue tint which casts a clinical atmosphere over Saad's unflinching camera moves following Rehana (played by an outstanding, extremely raw Azmeri Haque Badhon) having to decide when to make the cut, and unveil the decay behind the walls.

Not giving Rehana any easy exit options, Saad & Tamijul perfectly pair the bleached blue appearance with Iran New Wave-inspired long corridor takes and delicate, pristine push-ins, brilliantly capturing the morals that Rehana (wrapped in a white scarf of purity) holds dear, pressing down on her,as she hits the brick wall of denial from Prof. Arefin ( played by a terrific, stern Kazi Sami Hassan.)

Witnessing a student leave Prof. Arefin's office in tears, the screenplay by Saad dissects a brittle character study of Rehana, who when finding the student refusing to report Arefin for his assault, leads to Rehana deciding that she must take action herself, while at the same time trying to hold the line, to an increasingly fragile, confrontational relationship with her neglected daughter, as Rehana decides to break the silence in the hospital.

Reviewed by elmoon_hasan 7 / 10

Worthy to watch

Rehana Mariyam Noor is Great. I don't say it is bad. But not enough good. The bad thing is Rehana's character. Rehana's over anger makes this film wrose. But overall the plot,acting is fabulous. I love this film. This film makes us proud.

Reviewed by sudip_rulz 8 / 10

You made us proud, Team Rehana

This is Bangladeshi director Abdullah Mohammad Saad's second feature film. And it is the first Bangladeshi film that made into official 'Cannes Film Festival'. No wonder, why people were so excited about this film. The story envelopes when an assistant professor at a private medical college, Rehana, witnessed a sexual assault. She went into a deep struggle to handle the situation as she knew the both victim and the offender. From the beginning we came to know how stubbornly self-willed personality Rehana has. The movie displays the great strength of Rehana's discovering the truth against the typical male oriented society's mastery. Even in the third act, she had to confront her daughter's school authority because the other student used to pinch her baby daughter in the first place.

The movie was solely driven by the amazing acting performance of. Azmeri Haque Badhon. She used to be a very promising model and actress of Bangladesh. Very recently she has worked in an web series called. Robindronath Ekhane Kawkhono Khete Aashenni (2021). She acted brilliantly in there also. But to be honest, in Rehana Maryam Noor, Badhon was simply top notch. She adopted and adapted the character superbly.

I must admire the sound design and the supreme close-up shots style of camera work. It added extra emotions to a scene to perfection. The color grading helped to express the intensity of the storyline.

Overall, I really liked the movie. I sincerely hope Rehana will inspire so many people in so many levels. Thank you Team Rehana for making the Bangladeshi people proud.

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