Red Ollero: Mabuhay Is a Lie

2024 [TAGALOG]

Action / Comedy / Documentary

IMDb Rating 4.6/10 10 45 45


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whilmeister 1 / 10

Why him, Netflix?

I've watched several home grown Filipino stand up comedians and I am pretty sure there are good,if not better comedians than him. I watched the entire show giving it a chance that there could be some jokes at the end of the show that will make me laugh but there are none. Not only his jokes are way not funny and using harsh/hardcore disgusting sex jokes material, its not even believable at all especially stories that he said from his own experience. I cant see connections to every jokes he throw at and transitions are really bad. Not a good stand up comedy show to watch, and instead of laughing, you will cringe the entire show watching.

Reviewed by ulbricht1 1 / 10

Red Ollero: Mabuhay Is a Lie (2024) - A Corny Comedy Show That Fails to Hit the Mark

Red Ollero: Mabuhay Is a Lie is a comedy show that aims to make people laugh, but unfortunately, it falls short of its goal. The humor in the show feels forced and outdated, like jokes you've heard many times before. It tries to be funny, but it doesn't quite hit the mark.

One of the problems with the show is that the jokes seem a bit corny. They don't feel fresh or original, which makes them less likely to make you laugh. Additionally, the timing of the punchlines is off, so they don't have the impact they should.

Another issue is the documentary-style segments in the show. While it's interesting to see real-life aspects mixed into a comedy show, these segments end up being boring and slow down the pace of the show. They don't add much depth or entertainment value, which is disappointing.

All in all, Red Ollero: Mabuhay Is a Lie tries hard to be funny, but it misses the mark. The jokes are corny, the timing is off, and the documentary parts are boring. If you're looking for a comedy show that will really make you laugh, you might want to look elsewhere.

Reviewed by / 10

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