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Gabriel Fiorindo Bellotti as Andrew Jackson
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Reviewed by kelly-gaudreau 3 / 10

Not Delicious

So, I decided it was time to watch a horror flick from last year's Halloween list. I thought, "this should be delicious, a movie with zombie Presidents." Nah, it left a bad taste in mouth. It was billed as a Comedy-Horror. No laughter. No scares. However, the "delicious" part was the wonderful snacks I was eating. I do reccomend Lay's Chedder and Sour Cream Wavy chips with Hellavu Good Jalopeno dip. Now that's delicious. Ok, I need to stretch out my review by a few more charactors. So, let's talk about the BM I had the next day where I did reflect upon the film. That should be a positve, right?

Reviewed by volvorod-92131 1 / 10

Missed Biden and Kamala by a year or two.

This movie would probably have been ten times funnier if it had been produced one or two years later. Then it could have included Joe Biden wandering around not knowing where he was - talking jibberish - and also a Cackling Vice President that would go around laughing at - everything.

This movie could have been hilarious if it had included The Present POTUS and VP - and the things they do.

Reviewed by Stanlee107 6 / 10

Presidential reunion

This could have been a disastrous film with its premise but luckily it turned out better than I could have imagined! It is like & should have been a B-movie from the golden era of the 1980s. Instead it pays homage to the classic such as Evil Dead.

The clichéd chartered are there but they are played OTT on purpose & the writers & actors poke fun of themselves. It is quite meta that the main protagonists are self aware of the bizarre situation in which they find themselves and steers into the ridiculousness of it & even makes jokes when they are in mortal danger.

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