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Burn Gorman as Richard Carter
Jung-woo Ha as Min-joon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gadaimi 6 / 10

Lebanese Viewer Decries Lack of Authenticity in 'Ransomed': Film's Moroccan Setting Sparks Disconnect with Historical Reality

In my review of the movie "Ransomed" from a Lebanese perspective, I found it disheartening that despite the story being set in Lebanon during the 1980s civil war, the film was shot in Morocco. The landscape, including scenes like the airplane landing, lacked authenticity, making it challenging for me, as a Lebanese viewer, to connect with the narrative. The discrepancy extended to actors, houses, and language pronunciation, diverting from the genuine Lebanese experience.

While I empathize with the historical event of the Korean diplomat's kidnapping in Lebanon, it was unfortunate to witness a portrayal that deviated from our reality. As a Lebanese, I believe it's crucial to honor history accurately, even when showcasing it through cinematic lenses.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 7 / 10


When a Korean diplomat is kidnapped in war-torn Lebanon, his government is conflicted about paying his ransom demand. It falls to "Min-joon" (Ha Jung-woo) to travel there and execute quite a complex plan to extricate their citizen and stay one step ahead of the warlords and the authorities who all want a share of his rather valuable luggage! Luckily, his airport-escaping antics find him in the back of the taxi driven by "Pan-soo" (Ju Ji-hoon). Now this fellow just happens to be a Korean ex-pat, he's also a slightly dubious character who can think on his feet, and who has had dealings with their government in the past. What now ensues is quite an engaging series of adventures as the pair face more and more perilous tasks trying to stay alive and rescue "Mr Oh"! It is too long, and at times it drags a little - but director Seong Hun Kim manages to create one of the more authentic looking desert adventures featuring loads of gunfire, some rabid dogs, a fun car chase down an alleyway and I found this to be way more watchable than some more recent, bigger budget, action films with Hollywood stars atop them. It's a fun watch this, with a good dynamic between the two men on their quest; the script is occasionally quite funny and the whole thing has a sort of light-heartedness to it that I quite enjoyed. Based on a true story, too - who'd be an emissary?

Reviewed by tkdlifemagazine 7 / 10

Ransomed is a Well Balanced Thriller

Ransomed is a Well balanced Thriller. This Well Go USA release is loosely based on real events that took place in the lead up the critically important 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. When a previously kidnapped Korean Diplomat in Lebanon turns out to be alive a Korean Diplomatic office worker, played smartly by Ha Jung-woo, goes on a mission to deliver the ransom money and secure his release. When the mission gets dangerous and complicate he is forced to partner with an ex-pat, Korean taxi driver living in the area. That character is played by Ju Ji-hoon, and he is really, really great to watch. The film has elements of a spy thriller, action film, with the balance of the comedic aspects of an American "Buddy Film". There were times it reminded me of Escape to Mogadishu, which was more serious; at times of Argo; and at other times, Rush Hour. The end result of the film is one that is highly watchable and engaging. I highly recommend it. The acting, script, Direction, and cinematography are all very good. The supporting cast is very good in this, both on the Korean side, and inside of Beirut. Watch it in Korean, with English subititles.

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