Radioactive: The Women of Three Mile Island



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steeplechaser 9 / 10

Engrossing Documentary with Engaging Characters

This movie tells the story of the women who fought back against the official response to the disaster at Three Mile Island. Focusing primarily on the efforts of four women who led the local community's protest, and a fresh-out-of-law-school lawyer who took a lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court, it is both an indictment of the nuclear industry and its regulators and a personal story about real people.

I saw this at a local film festival and was expecting an amateur production or agitprop. But it's anything but. Rather, it is expertly filmed and carefully edited, splicing slice-of-life portraits, interviews with experts, and historical footage. It makes a compelling case that not only was the leak at Three Mile Island a cover-up that led to drastic spikes in cancer rates upwind of the site, but also that the official response to the leak was a travesty of justice against, and a personal tragedy for, the victims of the accident.

But what makes this film so compelling is how human it is. I found myself pulled into the lives of the people in this community, saddened at their tragedy, rooting for them as underdogs, and uplifted by their dogged spirit. The audience around me was rapt, sometimes in tears, and standing in applause at the end.

Reviewed by yaelsandler-29873 10 / 10

Women Speak Truth to Nuclear Power

This enlightening documentary exposes the political, emotional and physical effects on those living in the vicinity of the 1979 Three Mile Island Nuclear Disaster. The caring, concern of producer, Professor Heidi Hutner, explains how these four empowered mothers grappled with mis and the lack of information and so become politicized in order protect and preserve the welfare of their families. The facts and legal entanglements of these issues are sincerely recounted by the reporter and lawyers who attempted to uncover the truth. The women in this film speak loud and clear and still the physical effects remain obscured by the nuclear industry. These women's legacy to us, as women, and in fact as humans, is our own mission for today to seek truth about nuclear power, before we too have to deal with the fallout.

Reviewed by comms-92709 8 / 10

Women who fought for the truth

Fascinating documentary on the women--local mothers, a waitress, a young lawyer--who fought efforts to downplay the accident by the nuclear industry and the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Their efforts led to hearings that cast doubt on officials' statements--for example, it turns out no one knows how much radiation was released because the sensors atop the towers were pushed past their maximum limits--and led to the federal prosecution and conviction of the utility company for falsifying records.

The film notes that more such doubt is cast by recent peer-reviewed, journal-published research. One paper shows that cancer rates are higher where the radioactive plume fell. Another paper explains the disparity between official expectations of illness and the observed higher rate--in part because the expectations accounted for short-lasting gamma radiation and not fat-soluble beta radiation.

The film notes that the efforts of these women did not stop the reopening of TMI after six years--but did help scuttle more than 100 planned nuclear plants.

Well worth seeing.

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