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Kimberly J. Brown as Jamie Grover
Daniel Roebuck as Jim Grover
Don Knotts as Gov. Healy
Jake Epstein as Brad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erich-schifferl 7 / 10

Nice Entertainment with some neat effects

This movie is no big title. But it is very nice for watching with children on Sunday afternoons.

The plot is about the 14 year old teenager Jamie, fighting for the attention of her parents after they got quintuplets. Kimberly J. Brown is a very charming actress. She won every heart of my kids and we all liked her smile and suffered with her pain.

We also — in contrary to other reviewers — have liked the surprising effects when the movie stopped with the comment "no, i was just kidding" or when the picture froze and Kimberly popped out of the scene, explaining here mind.

Reviewed by aebtweety 1 / 10

One of the worst movies I've ever seen...

I hate saying anything negative, but I just have to warn everybody about how awful this movie is. I could not stop watching it because i kept on wondering if it was all some big joke or something. The movie did have an OK idea behind it. If it had been made differently it could have been better. The main character, Kimberly J. Brown, gets so annoying throughout the movie that you will want to throw your television out of the window. She does a HORRABLE job narrating, and her character keeps on tricking you about what happens then will go back and say "i was just kidding, that isn't what really happened." I think one major thing that turned me off about this movie is the fact that the main character will constantly talk to you, the viewer. It makes it seem like i am watching one of those toddler shows where they ask you questions and wait for you to answer. In fact that is just what she does. It is too bad that Disney wasted its money on this movie. The acting in this movie feels like a cheep high school play. Hopefully you wont waste your time watching it. I gave it a vote of 1 for awful, but it deserves a zero.

Reviewed by TOMNEL 5 / 10

What's trying to be cute, ends up as over the top cheese.

Jamie (Kimberly J. Brown) is a high school student who is enjoying her life. She's loving it so much, she's constantly talking to the audience, bragging about how great everything is, similar to the new series at the time "Malcom in the Middle". She is shocked, but still annoyingly happy, when she finds her parents (especially her mother) are pregnant, and even more a delight is to be found when they reveal it's not one baby but five, hence the title of this stupid Disney made for TV movie, "Quints". The babies become too much, so they hire a strict, short lived nanny, Fiona. Fiona is an example of a character that is extremely over the top, but still somewhat works comically, played by forgotten ex-SNL member Robin Duke. Jamie starts trying to help with the babies. The babies then become a big TV hit, and chaos ensues, though laughter and fun is what I believe the director was going for.

This movie will only appeal to young kids, which is the only audience it must be going for, so in this way it works. Kimberly J. Brown is certainly a charismatic lead, but her constant toothy smile, followed by her stereotypical "put the eyes and head down" sad face get old real fast, as do her monologues to the audience. The movie often goes for a surreal feel, including unrealistic daydreams which require good special effects, but here the special effects are terrible. The entire movie shouts out "Disney Channel Movie", which in turn in shouting out, "Mediocrity!"

This is a dumb movie, and not great for anyone, but little kids will probably enjoy it.

My rating: ** out of ****. 80 mins. G.

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