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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23% · 128 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42% · 250K ratings
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Top cast

Dakota Fanning as Cassie Holmes
Chris Evans as Nick Gant
Maggie Siff as Teresa Stowe
Camilla Belle as Kira Hudson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goods116 5 / 10

Weak plot, OK action, confusing...a good rental don't see in theater

***PROBABLE SPOILERS*** First, to be clear, I love action movies, I crave the latest superhero movie, I like Lost, Heroes, etc., what I am saying is that I can enjoy mindless action or sci-fi for what it is.

That being said, Push was a weak film on most levels. The Honk Kong setting was the only positive, but not enough to carry the film. The problems were multiple, and the movie ended up being incoherent. Some of the problems: (1) The origin of these people with powers makes no sense; (2) The intro scene with the hero as a boy tells us little; (3) How did all these people, and a 13 year old girl end up in Hong Kong?; (4) One minute he can't move dice and one day later he is all powerful?; (5) In general, how the powers work seem inconsistent; (6)The characters come in and out with little explanation to their connection to the story and why they are there or how they got there -- this is probably the biggest weakness; (7) the main plot line is muddled ; (8) many loose ends -- what happened to the mother?

Some of the fight scenes are OK, and as I said, Hong Kong, but the movie was nothing more than a sequence of scenes with characters that just show up randomly and confront or attack each other or hideout. This is probably OK to watch on HBO or on a plane, but don't spend 2 hrs in a theater.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by questl-18592 4 / 10


Push is a movie that shouldn't have been a movie. There are so many cool ideas and concepts here, a world I'd love to know more about and explore further but cramming it all into one movie was a mistake. This would work so much better as a (mini)series but we get what we get. As a movie, it's a mess of mixed ideas mashed together, characters rush through things and the world is a string of narration and clumsy storytelling. The acting and the cinematography are all a little off too leaving this feeling like it's got great potential but in reality it's a whiff on delivery.

I still feel like this is worth a background watch for science fiction fans, the ideas here are really interesting but the reality is that it's a clunky, awkward and underwhelming mess of a film.

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