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Reviewed by tuttlee-30867 10 / 10

Insider scoop

Films like this I struggle to say I love it. Mainly because these are real people who experienced this tragic event. Print it black definitely let you know about what was going on from start to finish. I felt as if it wasn't too heavily political but just enough to let you know why the families felt the way they did. Print it black pulled me in emotionally as a mom whose child will be going to school in just a couple of years. Reminding me that while I hope something like this never happens again, it's possible. I am an avid watcher of documentaries and this is definitely in my person top 10. To the families; my heart is forever with you. No justice, no peace.

Reviewed by kabar-64773 6 / 10

Making sense of madness

Salvador Ramos, was armed with the protected status given to a once marginalized group that has morphed into the new bullies, and the police that responded were handcuffed by those same unwritten rules. A firearm is an object nothing more, and anger and loss must be vented, sadly it can be misdirected even at objects and not the new acceptance and reworded condition of people in our midst. I will tell you that had it not been a firearm it would have been a knife a bat, you see the tool is not the problem it is the damaged that instead of help in the way of correction are given praise and told to be proud, so proud that that pride turns to hate towards anything not afflicted or soiled by their unnatural choice. Of course it is forbidden to acknowledge this as is the truth today and so that frustration must go somewhere. It is why nativity scenes are banned and women's only bathrooms are considered hate. What is madness and what is sanity, matters not if it is forbidden even to contemplate it.

Reviewed by / 10

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