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2024 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy

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María Hervás as Lourdes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by armandogpa 10 / 10

Absolutely lovable

This is a womderful movie.

The leading actress, Adriana Torrebejano, is as pretty as sensitive as funny as dramatic as emotional as her character alows her to be.

Actually all the cast members are faboulous in their roles.

The satira is amazingly written laughing about the politicians of all colours showing how shallow and fake campaings have become nowadays.

It is a necessary movie in this time of polarize society telling us throught the couple romance that, after all, people from oposite sides are not so different and they can even fall in love without being a big issue. It definetly deserves a 10 because it is the best it can be, even the microscenes are meaningfull, they all have their purposes and they achieve them everytime.

And the message it transmits to the politicians is that we still are on time to make it right.

Absolutely lovable.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by artera-27398 1 / 10

Another terrible film from Spanish cinema.

Another mess of Spanish cinema, in search of subsidies from the state, the film "industry" in Spain is incredible, they ask for subsidies to make a film, and since no one usually goes to see them, they are so bad, they are left with happiness. Subsidy, in the end they live off the state, they do not live off culture, but on subsidies, so that they do not make more of these nonsense with our money.

There is only one way for cinema in Spain to become something of quality, zero aid, you will see how they break their minds to make good scripts, with good stories, and hiring good actors, there are some, although not many, only So people will go to the cinema to see Spanish cinema.

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