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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 3.2/10 10 164 164

Top cast

Michael Paré as General West
Erica Duke as Dr. Milly Anderson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stuart-wise 5 / 10

Pretty Much What You Get With Asylum Movies

Many of the Asylum movies pretty much are predictable in terms of the quality of the plot, the acting and the special effects, so no reason to be disappointed since going in you know it won't be Oscar worthy. Having said that, I found it entertaining enough that I feel no need to bash every aspect of it. I will say that at times it was too talky and too technical, especially when the trio of world savers were trying to figure out how to do it. I don't if I am imagining it, but it seems the character of Dr. Millie Anderson said "I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier" more than once. Her genius brother was pretty much wooden and some of the other characters felt like they were overacting or just bad actors.

Reviewed by paulclaassen 4 / 10

Even if just for a laugh...

When I decided to watch 'PlanetQuake' I was in the mood for a 'bad' B-movie. In that regard, the movie did not disappoint - which isn't really saying much.

When a nuclear bomb detonates on the seabed, it causes a series of earthquakes and tsunamis. Now, a group of very knowledgeable people - lead by Dr. Milly Anderson (Erica Duke) - must try to prevent an impending doomsday disaster.

Helping Milly is Peter Houston (Phillip Andre Botello), who knows his way around computers, and her brother Dresden (Doug Jeffery), who used to be in service of the National Security Agency. (Quite a handsome silver daddy, if I dare say!) Together, they devise a bold - and unbelievable - plan to save the planet.

From the acting to the dialogue and the visuals, 'PlanetQuake' is definitely a B-movie. The visuals are cheap, but hey, I could see they tried really hard. Not every disaster movie is awarded a big budget. The dialogue wasn't that great and at times I found they were spoon-feeding the audience with information instead of showing it.

If you don't set your expectations too high, I'm sure you'll have a good (enough) time with 'PlanetQuake' - even if it is just for a laugh...

Reviewed by ops-52535 3 / 10

im very generous...

When offering a 3 star outta 10 for this cataclysmic story of events that scientifically are theorymaking at its most extreme, and has barely ever been seen/felt by modern day man, earth may be unpredictable but not as much as proclaimed in this story...

which also desimates itself by the choice of cast with michael pare and erica duke in the mains, doesnt give you the creeps. Its a film that depends highly and mostly on great special effects making, with loads of cgi and vfx handwork, along truthfull and reliable props and location design,and a powerfull musical score line, and here the hellbenders have missed utterly and completly.

So lets all wait till the next adressed earthquake blockbuster is on the ramp, this was really an annoying movie, at least for the grumpy old man.

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