Pilecki's Report

2023 [POLISH]

Action / Biography / Drama / War

IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 248 248

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Erik_Surewaard 7 / 10

A messy first hour followed by a pretty good second hour

Rating: 6.8/10 -------------- This 2 hour movie is based on a true story. During the first hour of the movie, it is difficult to understand what exactly is going on. That there are a lot of jumps in time, doesn't really help either.

After an hour, the story starts to become more clear. From that point, the movie becomes a worthwile watch.

At the end of the movie, I was left with quite a lot of questions. Why on earth was this hero being prosecuted?! Who were all these other people that were being accused of co-conspiring.

I think we have a clear case of having a great story, but a director and writing team that is unable to make in into a movie that is representative for the story.

I still think this movie is a worthwile watch. Especially because of the historical relevance. The first hour is not easy to watch, but the second hour is pretty okay. That part of the movie also includes some impressive scenes of Auschwitz.

Overall, I score this movie at 6.8/10, making it a 7-star IMDb rating.

Reviewed by maryszymansky 7 / 10

Finally something worth watching from Polish movie industry

Contemplate Polish history and heroes with WFDiF's biography 'Pilecki's report'. The movie is based on the true story of the title character - Capitan Witold Pilecki - Polish World Warll cavalry officer, resistance leader and concentration camp survivor. Film director, Leszek Wosiewicz put together all the pieces of that horrifying story with precision and created a shockingly decent movie. In my view 'Pilecki's report' is one of a few films Polish people don't have to be embarrassed for.

The plot revolves around the brutal interrogation of Witold Pilecki after he got arrested by the communist authorities for allegedly spying for the Allies and betraying his country. There are also lots of flashbacks to his time in Auschwitz where he was writing his famous report. As Pileck's story is well-known, it won't be a spoiler to mention that he was sentenced to death for his so-called crimes, leaving his wife and two kids behind, which was a very moving, strong ending of the film

The movie is flawlessly cast, not only the main actors, but every single tiny role is mastered as well. What truly catches the eye ,however, is the bizzare camera movement throughout the entire film. Unlike many Polish films, this one dosn't look like it suffered from budget cuts and lack of engagement which is a real asset. The climate of Poland at that time is realistically painted too.

"Pilecki's report" isn't necessarily the kind of a move that would be perfect for movie nights with friends, it is, however, very valuable and commemorates the real hero of Poland. I wouldn't recommend it for a younger audience because of quite gorry scenes and plent of violence, but it is a must-watch for older, mature cinema fans.

Reviewed by StudleyDave 5 / 10

Lacking direction

A story that should be engrossing, emotive, and shocking, isn't any of those things. It is interesting, of course, and the cinematography is strong, but the direction and script seem inadequate. There is no real emotional depth to anything or anyone, and the writing seems to be behind this. It is very matter-of-fact, and the use of a constantly shifting timeline doesn't work - a linear biopic style would have been more compelling. With the gravity of the source material, it would have been both informative and useful to include more of an introduction to events and their significance. All-in-all, this seems to be a failure of the Director.

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