Paw Patrol: Ready, Race, Rescue!


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Addison Holley as The Cheetah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by simonhb-04435 5 / 10

An okay short movie with a tired concept

Okay so putting it simply, my 4 year old boy loved this movie, he wanted to watch it again which is great, however as someone who had endured, sorry, watched, many episodes of paw patrol with him I was hoping for something different.

Initially I thought the pups would be racing each other and travelling across the globe saving the day so I was disappointed to see the human racers, the same old, someone gets stuck, pups save them repeats throughout and the cliche message of "cheaters never win" and "hard work pays" is recycled as always. It would have been nice to see something different but you can tell this was just another excuse to release more merch.

So many questions like, why is Marshall racing if he is the clumsy one? Why is Marshalls vehicle so powerful and faster than the Cheetahs super car? Why did pressing the breaks, skidding and reversing get Marshall ahead of Cheetah? My 4 year old isn't yet smart enough to ask these questions although from the start he knew "marshall is going to win".

If you had a child who watches paw patrol, they will probably enjoy it, but be prepared to buy more toys!!

Reviewed by stal-13652 3 / 10

Endurance test

Kids who love Paw Patrol will no doubt love this film. My lad can take it or leave it with Paw Patrol but I took him to the cinema to see this film as I knew it was short and used it for his debut cinema trip. Safe to say he loved it.

As a parent, you have to waste minutes of your life where you can literally feel yourself edging closer to death watching kids TV shows. A sacrifice we make just to stop the little monsters from either moaning like a toilet dwelling Murtle or wrecking the house like some sort of midget Godzilla. Paw Patrol is in my opinion one of the less tedious shows. That said, this movie sucked the life out me like a fellatio giving Dementor. It was dreadful.

As stated above my kid loved it. Now this may in part be down to the whole new experience of going to the cinema or he genuinely enjoyed it. Either way, it will hold a place in my heart for being the first time I took my boy to the cinema and for that reason alone I gave it a 3. 3 is also roughly the amount of minutes you last before desperately wishing for some sort of emergency to occur and give you a reason to leave.

Reviewed by jeremycrimsonfox 4 / 10

Okay, But It Proves The Series Is Resorting To Gimmicks

Yeah, Paw Patrol nowadays has been having a bit of an identity crisis nowadays. Starting off as just six pups rescuing animals while helping their friends in the city of Adventure Bay, suddenly, starting in season four, they started to add gimmicks like Mission PAW and Sea Patrol in order to keep the show going and get new ideas to keep selling toys. With Mighty Pups, a movie released in 2018 that would be used again in episodes starting in season six, it became very clear that the gimmicks were basically going to be the show's life support. Ready, Race, Rescue! is a TV movie that introduces yet another gimmick to keep the show alive: racing.

So, the story is the Adventure Bay 500 is in town, and the Paw Patrol built a track for the race. However, when The Whoosh, a racer who the pups and Ryder are volunteering to be his pit crew, gets injured by a cheap tactic done by a rival racer known as the Cheetah (who happens to be Mayor Humdinger's cousin, no less), Whoosh chooses Marshall to take his place, training the clumsy pup to take on Cheetah in an Around-The-World Road Rally.

Yeah, it's clear to see the movie is nothing more than a short film meant to start a new gimmick that the show will use for future episodes. While it did teach a good lesson, it basically showed the series is beginning to have an identity crisis. Also, a cheating racer called the Cheetah? Not very original since it sounds like they took it from a joke book. While kids may enjoy it, fans of the series may want to steer clear if gimmicks are not their thing.

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