Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything


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Reviewed by faithless4734 6 / 10


Some of this was funny, not pee your pants but laugh quietly funny. At no point was I laughing out loud, I did not think the Jesus bit was funny and not because i was offended ( I was not) it just was not funny. They only bit that was really close to laugh out loud funny was the Denny's bit. When I say laugh out loud I mean I'm at home watching from my couch and I laugh so loud they here me in the other room and come out to see what is so funny. I will not tell others about this but if they will ask I will tell them it is mildly funny and a decent way to waste an hour on a bored night at home.

Reviewed by afrohare 6 / 10

I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't.

As big fan of Oswalt and his stand up, I was waiting for this special like a kid Christmas. However, even after watching it twice, I couldn't name a single joke from it, because they are quite forgettable. I don't think I had one proper belly laugh, unlike I usually do with Oswalt. Maybe a couple of chuckles, tops. The special just was a bit...meh. Not the quirky, funny and unexpected material I'm used to expect.

And the Rubin set? Wtf did I just see? It was so weird and loud, I couldn't even finish it. Did some AWOL patient from the local loony bin just happen to wander off and bump into a live microphone? It genuinely sounded like the ramblings of a mental institute resident. The set wasn't Oswalt's in all fairness, but his decision to pair it with his special seems questionable, to say the least.

Reviewed by gj-y05 10 / 10

One of his best!

I loved every bit he did! He's made such an amazing recovery and i'm so glad he's found love again! Love you Patton!

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