Patiala House

2011 [HINDI]

Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 9567 9.6K


Top cast

Akshay Kumar as Parghat Singh 'Gattu' Kahlon / Kaali
Anushka Sharma Kohli as Simran Chaggal
Dimple Kapadia as Mrs. Kahlon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by niteshruparel 6 / 10

A good entertainer with a nice message

Hi Folks! Hope all you readers are doing well and I also hope that this review would be helpful to you.

The most important thing that drew me to the Silver Screen to watch Patiala House was Rishiji, Dimple, Anushka and the song Lashkara. With 13 disappointments in a row from Akshay Kumar, I almost had dropped my plan to watch the movie for him but the above reason surely worked in my favor.

Patiala House is a story of a Sikh family – UK Citizens, living in Mini Punjab - Southall. The Sikhs have a leader named Bauji (Mr. Rishi Kapoor) who is a local dictator. He has a son Gattu (Akshay Kumar) living a miserable life, deprived of his rights to play cricket for England Cricket Team. The movie further leads to his fight to prove to his father that things have changed and the Indian Origin UK Citizens enjoy same rights as UK Origin Citizens.

This movie starts with Gattu narrating his thoughts and the way he leads life. The first half does develop your excitement on how the movie and its characters revolve around each other. Nikhil Advani has done a decent job in the first half where Gattu's character grows and so does Simran's.

You will definitely have smile on your face almost in the entire first half. Certain serious scenes too have been treated very well, especially when a family member calls Gattu his father's loyal dog. On reaching the 2nd half, you do get excited on how the movie would grow further. Here too, Nikhil has done a good job in narrating and creating the excitement where Gattu finally decides to go against Bauji and play for England Cricket Team. But the entire credit goes to all the actors involved in the movie (including Akshay Kumar who has acted well surprisingly) to make this script lively.

The movies looses its charm post the 1st 20 minutes in the 2nd half when the selection criteria starts and when Gattu is showed playing cricket and blowing against Andrew Symonds from Australia. The entire situation that is created by the director is extremely mellow dramatic and could have been much much better. You tend to get bored till the time the movie reaches its climax where Gattu is showed entering the stadium from the stands instead of pavilion. Nikhil had a very good story and one definitely is happy to see such movies being made but when the vision in unclear, you tend to loose control and I strongly feel that this is what happened with Nikhil. He could have treated the end very well where instead of the typical mellow dramatic approach; he could have given the climax more realistic approach. The match portion is okay but not great as was the hockey match situation that was created in Chak De. Though I don't want to compare any movie with Patiala House, I am forced to since somewhere some portions could have been really treated very well and here the director is the most important person involved.

Rishiji, Dimple, Anushka and other actors deserve applaud since they have taken certain scenes to different level of excitement.

The music is good and you would definitely enjoy the visuals of all songs. There are 2 songs that I would urge you all to enjoy to the fullest; Biba and Lashkara.I thoroughly enjoyed both these songs.

On the whole, Patiala House is worth a watch but post the movie, you have this very though that the 2nd have could have been treated much better than it has been. The movie leaves smile on your face when its over.

But I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank Nikhil and the team of Patiala House for making this movie which has a different story, its overall approach and screenplay.

Reviewed by ssvikas 5 / 10

Family drama served in a 'Patiala Peg'!

A Punjabi family in London, father scarred by racial discrimination, child not allowed to play a sport. Haven't we seen it in 2002 in 'Bend it Like Beckham'? But the drama in this flick is more akin to the 2005 golf drama starring Shia LaBeouf, 'The Greatest Game Ever Played'. Just watch them both as the game ends; you'll notice!

Rishi Kapoor plays Gurtej Singh Kahlon, a patriarch who runs his large joint family with an iron-fist and holds a sway over the Indian dominated suburb of Southall where racists are kept at bay and Indian cricket victories are celebrated with fanfare.

Akshay Kumar plays his son, Gattu who has sacrificed his dream of playing cricket for England in the fire of his father's stubbornness. The rest of his family follows suit. Enter a silver lining in the form of a spirited Simran (Anushka Sharma) and her brother, the Patiala House now dares to think of a way out.

So, what does this movie offer? There's plentiful drama, family values that conflict with young dreams. You also get to see Hard Kaur singing Bhajans and a 34-year old getting to debut for the national T20 team simply based on a selector who's seen his backyard bowling. Laughable premises in a quintessential Bollywood drama! But, to its credit, you don't see a father yelling 'Chak-de-Phatte' to his son in the stadium.

But the film is however not about cricket. Coherent with the theme, it focuses on the father-son conflict arising from a generation gap and change in circumstances. But, the filmmakers exercise just enough caution not to show an England vs. India match, thus avoiding a possible double-whammy, and central theme losing focus.

In fact, after a bucket-load of lame comedies, it is good to see Akshay Kumar in a serious role after a long time. He deserves applause for aptly playing man who lives as a shadow of himself but with the fire still burning bright within. Anushka Sharma has surely developed since her 'Rab-ne' days especially after 'Band Baaja Baaraat'.

Should you watch this movie? Not if you are paying through your nose for an evening show in an up-market multiplex. But for Akshay Kumar's performance and Anushka's undeniable screen presence, you can give it a shot when it hits the small screen.

Reviewed by ian959 6 / 10

Worth while watch

Okay, first up I suppose I best say that this is the best film Akshay Kumar has done for a long time. Whilst he will never be a great actor, at least here he does an excellent job with a character that could have been a disaster. No over the top performance, this is a measured effort that conveys the character's inner turmoils very well.

The rest of the cast also do a fine job. Rishi Kapoor is always excellent and does a very creditable job as the head of the house. Dimple Kapadia plays his wife with sensitivity and purpose, although she is under utilised and perhaps underwritten and subservient in the screenplay. Anushka Sharma also does an excellent job in a role that could quite easily have devolved into a mess. I quite fancy that, on the evidence of her first four films, we may potentially be seeing the emergence of a new Queen of Bollywood.

The film itself is a very interesting look at the family in an Indian household in Southall, London, where traditional values are being undermined somewhat by the younger generation being more influenced by the cosmopolitan opportunities of a more accepting London than that which their parents faced.

The only real complaint I have with the film is that too many characters were brought to the fore and it results in a bit of confusion as to who is who. However, that aside, the screenplay is good, the film has a sense of purpose and moves forward at a nice pace. There is no unnecessary sentimentality brought into play and the end result is a film that does not scale great heights of classic cinema but is an eminently watchable film that deals with its subject matter very well.

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