Passport to Paris


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
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Ethan Peck as Michel
Mary-Kate Olsen as Melanie Porter
Ashley Olsen as Allyson Porter
Matt McCoy as Jack Porter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by angrybunhead 6 / 10

Cheesy almost to the point of being good.

This movie is deliciously cheesy, and undoubtedly a childhood favorite. If you're looking for a "quality" film, you obviously won't find it here-- but that's the whole point of Mary-Kate and Ashley's movies. They aren't really meant to be quality. They're meant to ooze a sort of hokey charm that you can't help but roll your eyes at. They aren't meant to be taken seriously, and obviously the general population takes itself too seriously to see that.

"Passport to Paris" is chock-full of poorly written dialogue, cheesy editing, and a ridiculous plot-- which I can say all only continue to contribute to its hilarity.

It isn't meant to be a prestigious indie film, so why treat it as such? If you have the guts to stop being a self-titled "film aficionado" for 90 minutes or so, I suggest that you lay your pride aside and let yourself chuckle at the "so-bad-it's-good" essence that encompasses this movie.

Reviewed by liby_and_kabiya 4 / 10

Not so good Not so bad

Well, first off, the twins are exactly the same. there is no one is girly and one is tomboy (Ashley is taller than Mary-Kate though) and their boyfriends aren't even French, so that is bad because they are faking the accents. Lamo. It is also not that bad, not their best. I am A big Mary-Kate and Ashley fan, don't get me wrong. the storyline is OK and it is funny to watch. it is not the type of movie that you would watch over and over again. But hey, when they made this movie they were still new at the whole making their own movie thing. The girls also act like they are older then 13. but if you are a young viewer this is a good movie. Not so good if you are older than 13 unless you are a parent watching a movie with your kids. then it's OK. Good luck MK+A with your future movies!

Reviewed by i_munch_on_dinos 8 / 10

Chill out, people...

A majority of the comments on here are complaining about how the movie is "dumber than a box of rocks" and stereotypical. Well, I guess the thing that people don't realize is that this is a MARY KATE AND ASHLEY MOVIE. It's sole purpose? To cash in on the whole Mary Kate and Ashley craze. And, well, it fulfills that purpose. Of course, being straight to video and aimed towards loyal fans, the movie has very low production values (they try on clothes OUTSIDE the "store" during the shopping scene and the "museum" they walk through is CGI). But this movie is actually a pretty fun one for the audience it was aiming for. I don't think an intellectual looking for a in-depth review of Paris would particularly enjoy this movie... and it beats me why they'd even pick it up.

This installment in the Mary Kate and Ashley direct-to-video movie series doesn't bring anything really new to the table. But for preteen girls interested in feeling happy, following the girls having fun in an exotic location, and viewing the cute fashions, this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Seventh graders Alyson and Melissa had it all. They had the trendiest clothes, the hottest gossip, the cutest boyfriends-- but their parents believed the twins were just too wrapped up in their social life. To get them out of their small world, they decided they'd send them away to stay with their grandfather, the ambassador, in Paris, France for Spring Break. This meant that Ally and Mel weren't going to be able to attend the hottest party of the year with the two hottest boys in school, who happened to like them. Reluctantly, the girls boarded the plane and traveled from Southern California to beautiful Paris.

Their grandpa, much too busy to accompany his granddaughters in seeing France, hired a man named Jeremy to show them around. Grandpa's rules were strict; Ally and Mel were to follow an organized schedule of art museum after art museum, each and every day. The girls quickly grew bored of this, and their focus was further interrupted upon meeting two cute Parisian boys, John and Michel(sp?). They began to sneak off with these boys to see France in the way they wanted to see it: spontaneously and fun. Along the way, they also befriended renowned supermodel, Brigit (why a famous supermodel would spend her time shopping with two 12-year-olds beats me), who distracted Jeremy when they began dating.

One night, the girls returned home from a date with John and Michel in a cop car. The grandfather then forbade them from ever seeing those boys again and they had to attend a fancy dinner instead of a party where John and Michel's band would be playing. He at first seemed firm, but quickly changed his heart once he saw the boys sincerely apologizing at Aly and Mel's window. He saw how much the children truly loved each other. Grandpa apologized to his granddaughters, as he should have been spending time with them himself, but told them they still had to attend the dinner that night.

After a heated and intelligent discussion the girls presented at dinnertime, Grandpa, impressed, allowed the girls to go to their party. The night ended with the twins kissing their respective boyfriends, and Brigit and Jeremy even sharing a kiss.

The next morning, it was time for the girls to return to America. Every person they met on their journey would greatly miss them and await their next visit. The parents plan of culturing their children seemed to be a success, as they soon took up an interest of learning about different cultures and seeing the world. They even declined a fro-yo date with the boys they used to like, after seeing what jerks they were.

In the end, even though not too much learning occurred, Alyson and Melissa got to see what love was really like, and that other cultures can be really cool if you give them a chance. People criticizing this movie for encouraging girls to be shallow apparently missed the point. This trip taught the protagonists to break out of their small circle of gossip and popularity, and see the real wonders of the world.

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