Partly Cloudy


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 7 / 10

Baby Bottleneck

Once again, Pixar has accompanied one of its wonderful features (in this case, UP), with a short subject. And the short subject, PARTLY CLOUDY, plays like a variation on Bob Clampett's classic cartoon, BABY BOTTLENECK, although without Porky or Daffy.

Like all of Pixar's shorts, this is a virtual silent picture, with just enough sound effects to keep it going. It concerns where babies come from before the storks deliver them: from clouds, it turns out, who shape them from their own material. For this one we get to follow the cloud and stork who produce not fluffy kittens, but other, more dangerous critters, like crocodiles and porcupines.

I do have some slight issues with how clouds are rendered -- a bit more solid and cotton-batting-like than I would think, but this is a lovely little pleasure for the viewer.

Reviewed by mihai_alexandru_chindris 8 / 10

Felt Like Heaven

The adventures of a cloud who changes moods - good story. More fascinating is the fact the, we humans, behave like the cloud, adjusting our feelings and emotions according to what happens to us in a particular day. It's only 5 minutes and it's worth the time. You won't lose anything watching it.

Reviewed by planktonrules 7 / 10

My wife and daughter loved wasn't quite as impressed but it was still very good

This is the short Pixar film that was shown immediately before UP. One thing I love about the Pixar full-length films is how they always begin with a short film--talk about value for the audience!

The plot involves storks and clouds. Apparently all babies (human and animal alike) are created in the clouds and each cloud has its own stork assigned to it. One stork is rather put upon, however, as his cloud seems a bit...crazy. Instead of creating cute babies, puppies and kittens like the other clouds, this one makes very, very dangerous babies that invariably hurt the poor stork. It's pretty funny seeing the stork get hurt again and again. It's also amazingly adorable seeing the little puppies and kittens--as it's animated in a very adorable style. And, for the first time, this short is in 3-D.

My wife and daughter absolutely loved this short film. As for me, I liked it but not nearly as much. This is mostly because compared many of the other Pixar shorts (such as PRESTO, LIFTED, JACK-JACK ATTACK and ONE MAN BAND) it comes up a bit short on laughs. Still, it is an enjoyable and welcome and I recommend you see it and UP as soon as possible.

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