Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon


Comedy / Drama / Family

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Top cast

Barry Bostwick as Jeffrey Wyatt
Hayley Mills as Susan Wyatt / Sharon Evers
Glenn Shadix as Chet
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Reviewed by labolabo 3 / 10

Not funny

I thought this movie wasn't funny at all. I didn't laugh a single time. I think the jokes wasn't funny, and the acting was poor. There are probably thousands of better movies.

Reviewed by r96sk 5 / 10

Series ends at its worst point

The original 'The Parent Trap' film series ends at its worst point.

'Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon' is a bore, despite a refreshing change of location though it becomes a bit pointless in the end. There aren't really any 'Parent Trap-y' elements until the third act, with a lot of this dedicated to potential romances for two of the three sisters.

All the cast remain which I always appreciate; same roles but different actors always bother me. Hayley Mills (Susan/Sharon), Barry Bostwick (Jeffrey) and the Creel sisters are all solid enough. None of the new characters, e.g. Jayne Meadows' Charlotte, add all that much though.

At least they saw sense by ending things here, well until they remade the 1961 film nine years after the release of this anyway. My overall feelings for these quartet of films are largely respectful, which I didn't expect to be frank. 1 is the only great watch, though 2 is good - I could've done without 3 & 4.

Reviewed by Kamurai25 6 / 10

Trapped in Hawaii: Aloha Good Times

Good watch, probably won't watch again, and can't recommend.

I can't believe it took 3 movies to get back to being relatively charming again.

We get the triplet shuffle this time, dealing with the girls' dates in a positive fashion, we get twin shuffling, and the plot of "we inherited a tiny Hawaiian hotel" is one that I want to see again!

It's not a great movie by far, but it was fun.

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