Paranormal Activity 2


Action / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57% · 137 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48% · 100K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.7/10 10 110325 110.3K


Top cast

Molly Ephraim as Ali Rey
Sprague Grayden as Kristi Rey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moviewizguy 7 / 10

A Surprisingly Clever Sequel to a Surprise Hit!

After experiencing what they think are a series of "break-ins", a family sets up security cameras around their home, only to realize that the events unfolding before them are more sinister than they seem.

When Paramount announced that they were going to do a sequel to PA, I was skeptical. Let's be honest, it felt like they were trying to cash in on the surprising success of PA. Then the trailers were released, which weren't really special, and the film wasn't screened to the critics. Either Paramount was trying to keep a tight lid on it or it must be a really, really bad sequel. I mean, the only person in the casting list is Katie Featherston, who plays Katie, which is still pretty vague. Fortunately, PA2 is actually a worthwhile sequel that retains everything that made the original scary.

With a much higher budget, PA2 boasts a bigger cast and has more elaborate scares and security cameras to capture the events. But, as you all know, bigger sometimes isn't better, and, in this case, it's true. What made PA so great was its amazing simplicity. The scares were limited to doors creaking, lights flickering, and footsteps thumping. In this film, I'm not going to even mention what they do. However, saying that, the film does have some very scary scenes, even more so than the simple scares in the original. It's apparent while watching the film that PA2 relies more on jump scares than on maintaining an atmosphere like PA, which may be good or bad news depending on which you prefer more. However, the film still retains the slow buildup of scares in PA as the film reaches to the end, where all hell breaks loose. It's also agonizing to see things move on their own that our characters don't notice. Don't you just hate that feeling of dread?

Most of the cast do a great job because they are more innocent than the victims in the first film, including a baby and a dog. Please, just spare the baby and the dog! I'm also glad to say that the climax is much better than the one in the first film, if you could even call it a climax in that film. However, the sequel does have the same main problem of PA: The ending. It's just as anti-climatic and disappointing coming off from a huge buildup.

If you didn't like the first film, just skip this sequel. It's more of the same in terms of structure and style. However, if you liked the first film, you'll definitely enjoy this. I thought the storyline was rather clever in that it ties in with PA. Overall, even though this isn't as scary as PA, PA2 should be an example of how to make a proper sequel to a great first film which stays true to the original's overall tone. And considering the fact that we are familiar of the set up before, PA2 still has its own share of effective scares. Now that's an accomplishment.

Reviewed by The-Sarkologist 4 / 10

What happened before Paranormal Activity

In some ways this is a better movie than the first, but then Peli had a lot more money to work with this time and previously, so he could afford to splash out. Looking at it from a technical point of view, this one is much more complicated than the first, particularly since Peli is now using a baby and a dog (both of which are very difficult to make movies with at the best of times). Also the special effects are somewhat more impressive, namely because in this film he is using security cameras, so there are a lot more continuous shots and a lot more subtle things can be filmed. In the first movie the plot was limited by a single camera which means that only when the camera was filming, and the spot in which the camera was filming, could be shown. Not so in this film.

I guess Paranormal Activity 2 expands on what we saw in the original film, and with the extra budget, can be better with some of the things he shows. The shock value in this film is higher, due to the ability to use security cameras (and the scene where all of the cupboards in the kitchen fly open is one example, also when the demon drags her about the house when nobody else is home).

However there are some strange situations, such as when the fire spontaneously erupts in the kitchen and we never see the security camera footage leading up to it. Maybe it is because it is being left to our imagination, but I doubt that it could have been too hard, particularly since he is able to do a lot of other things.

The basement scene at the end was somewhat contrived, namely because I find it difficult to believe that the character would carry a video camera around the basement while trying to perform an exorcism on his wife. Maybe it was because Peli wanted the audience to see that scene, but I found it a bit unbelievable myself. Further, there are a lot of inconsistencies with the first film. I raise that because the events in this film are running simultaneously with the events of the first. Both Micah and Katie also appear in this film, but I was under the impression that Katie died at the end of the first film, yet at the end of this film she walks into the house, takes Hunter, and the film closes stating that Katie and Hunter cannot be found. It is as if a completely different film (one that I haven't seen) is being used.

I suspect that number three will be about Katie and her sister when they were haunted as children. There is a lot of references to that event, so I suspect it turns out that this haunting was filmed as well, and thus you have Paranormal Activity 3.

Reviewed by petra_ste 4 / 10

One-trick demon

The found footage gimmick, for some reason, still doesn't irk me as much as it should. Yeah, it means awful-looking movies with a shaky, grainy look, trite dialogues, lousy character development, little rewatch value. Still, it can work: it did in Cloverfield, REC and, to a certain extent, even the first Paranormal Activity.

Sadly, PA2 is just not scary. A long build-up of tension is fine, but there is a fine line between slow pacing and repetitive padding, and the movie tip-toes over it. The premise of the demon-haunted house, with the inhabitants' growing realization of the danger, is not used to its full potential. After ANOTHER scene of nocturnal footage with the dog barking at an invisible intruder, I grew bored. Guess what? We came to see the monster. I appreciate you don't want to show it right away but, if I had wanted to see a dog howling all night long, I could have watched my neighbours'.

At least with the first movie one didn't know what to expect, so it was moderately unsettling; here, the repetitive structure grows obvious and tiresome. Hint: found footage is not an excuse to have a lazy screenplay; the genre actually requires a particularly strong, well-balanced script, or it becomes a recipe for cinematic boredom.


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