Pants on Fire


Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
IMDb Rating 5.1/10 10 1206 1.2K

Top cast

Taylor Russell as Jennifer
Alison Araya as Ms. Taylor
Brittney Wilson as Hannah Parker
Bradley Steven Perry as Jack Parker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tyronebutter 5 / 10

A good movie

(11 year old reviewer)

The plot was average. The movie was fun. The acting for the main characters wasn't that good. Didn't really laugh, but overall it was silly fun movie that passed the time.

A low quality Ferris Bueller.

Reviewed by thefolenangel 5 / 10

Got what I came for

Did not come with big expectations, therefor they did not get shattered. I have to admit that feels great. However on a point of view for a movie, maybe it does not sound really fantastic.

Liar liar pans of fire is the movie you expect it to be. Kinda guff, kinda stupid, a little bit funny and nothing more. The whole movie relies on a plot, that is not very interesting, i.e. that lies come true. Like true in a material form. What bothers me is that the main character, after getting a little crazy from all this, doesn't test this hypothesis. I mean if it wore I, I would at least say something crazy like... Jenifer Aniston is my girlfriend, or I have a million dollars. And see what happens.

But hey after all they needed for the plot, so who cares?

Final judgment: I time you enjoyed is time not wasted. For some people this will be true for this movie, for other not so, however if you come with low expectations, it won't be that bad an experience watching it.

Reviewed by ryancharlesdavis 2 / 10

Looks bad, is awful

I saw this movie on NETFLIX getting a surprising amount of attention and straight away I knew that this'll be as bad as expelled (another movie that lives on the deep dark places of NETFLIX).

Unsurprisingly the film had the worst acting (worse than purposely bad) by the main character, the main characters friend (ok he was better) and *shivvers in remembering this characters acting* the protagonists crushes dad, seriously he had -1/10 acting.

The movie at one of so points impossible. For example, when the "aliens" ( you know the ones that did a pretty decent job acting considering it's the worst movie I ever reviewed (I was cruel on Mary Poppins) enlarged there irises increase by size. But we find out the where contacts and, well, that's impossible.

I am being HORRIBLY generous to give this movie 2 stars for nice lighting and a small bit of fun, sure it wasn't a waste, I was entertained but I'm afraid that there's a difference to what is worthy of 5+ stars in this website.

Go ahead, watch it and see how bad it is.

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