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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

Not my cup of tea...

Needless to say that I had never actually heard about this 2023 horror movie titled "Pandemonium" prior to stumbling upon it by random chance here in 2024. In fact, I didn't even know that it was a French movie that I sat down to watch when I opted to sit down and watch it, on account of it being a horror movie that I hadn't already seen.

So in a sense, writer and director Quarxx had every opportunity to entertain and impress me here. However, that was a wasted opportunity, because "Pandemonium" was a dumpster fire of a movie. I didn't know that I was in for a horror anthology here, and had I known that this was an anthology I wouldn't have wasted 95 minutes on watching it.

The movie was off to a great start with the scene with Nathan (played by Hugo Dillon) and Daniel (played by Arben Bajraktaraj) with the crash and the choices of Heaven or Hell. But then the movie quickly went downhill. But give it a watch, perhaps you might find the segments and stories interesting. I just happened to not find the subsequent segments interesting, after the first one.

It should be said, though, that the acting performances in "Pandemonium" were good. I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress on the cast list, however. But that is actually something I do appreciate and enjoy when I sit down to watch a movie. Just a shame that this was a dumpster fire of a horror anthology.

Visually then "Pandemonium" was okay. There were a minimal of special effects throughout the 95 minutes that the movie ran for. But the effects were adequate for what they were and served the movie well enough.

"Pandemonium" didn't impress me, much less actually entertained me. And it is not a movie that will ever grace my screen a second time.

My rating of writer and director Quarxx's 2023 horror movie "Pandemonium" lands on a very generous three out of ten stars.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 3 / 10

An interesting enough effort but has more issues that drag it down

After a devastating car accident, several survivors get up from the wreckage only to realize they are involved in an existential crisis over their past indiscretions coming back to haunt them, and after learning of the fates of several others like them must find a way to deal with their situation.

This was a highly disappointing and pretty underwhelming genre effort. The only aspect that really works well here is the initial setup and how it all starts which manages to bring about a highly effective use of chilling imagery to figure out what's going on. The whole idea of the characters being stuck in the afterlife with no idea themselves comes about rather well and the moody location offers the kind of intriguing starting point that gets this going on a high note. As well, with the way the films' approach to things includes a well-worn treatise on grief and the processing of trauma the way he comes across the other individuals who are stuck there like they are manages to be a highly effective setup that discusses the nature of sin in such a way as to be quite impressive overall. Beyond that, though, there's not a whole lot to say about this one since the structure of what's going on isn't all that enjoyable. This is due to the anthology structure present which makes very little sense for how it's incorporated. The inclusion in the middle of the film with very little warning that isn't that interesting beyond a one-note setup makes for some cliched stereotype setpieces to come about while only dealing with some rather bland and pedestrian themes. That they take up so much of the running time in the middle of the film offers up the kind of non-genre guilt trip that these stories are based on that it feels so shoehorned into this with the story of the murderous child being so confusing with where it takes place and how it all comes together with the imaginary friend that it's hard to enjoy it while the second story is barely genre-related at all about the bullied teen with so much of it about the mother's guilt for what happened. These aren't that interesting to watch and really just turn this off overall.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Reviewed by Reviews_of_the_Dead 8 / 10

Great Use of Christianity Mythology to Tell a Dark Tale

This is a movie that I got the chance to see thanks to Justin Cook when he sent over a screener link. Now when I saw that this was a horror film that hit festivals in 2023 and getting a wide release in 2024, I was in. Being that this was foreign also adds to it since I like to get an array of countries to truly decide how good a year is overall for releases.

Synopsis: after realizing he has died at the scene of a car crash, Nathan (Hugo Dillon) descends into the depths of hell, where he is doomed to experience the pain of tortured souls along the way.

We start this by getting where it takes place. It is an isolated road that has trees and potentially on the side of a mountain. There is a guy lying in the road who turns out to be Nathan. He is confused as to why he is there and not in his car. We saw that he was in an accident. He's joined by Daniel (Arben Bajraktaraj). He was riding a motorcycle when he was struck by Nathan. It also turns out there was a little girl playing by the road as well. Daniel points out something that shocks Nathan. The former has come to terms with the fact that they're dead. Nathan struck Daniel and then crashed.

That's when two doors appear. One is nicer and Daniel hears music coming from it. The other is creepier and Nathan hears what sounds like screams. Decisions were made in both of their lives to decide which door they could go through. We see that can change quickly as well. Nathan goes through the only one that is available to him. This starts the journey from the synopsis as he sees what Jeanne did to end up where she did. Also, what brought Chloé (Sidwell Weber) to this place. This is just the start of the punishment that Nathan goes through.

Now that is where I'll leave my recap and introduction to the characters. I should say that this doesn't have the deepest story, but it also doesn't need it. We're getting the classic idea brought forth by Christianity that there are two places you go when you die. Something interesting here is that we're seeing the concept of Nathan not accepting his fate. He was in the same accident as Daniel, but the latter died on impact. He's been in the afterlife longer. I love that this explores the idea that a second in the real world could be minutes on the other side. That gets explored more as we follow Nathan's journey. I also like the idea of a decision that Nathan made leads to the punishment he goes through.

First then let's delve deeper into the character of Nathan. I'm not going to reveal fully what led him to go to hell. Let's just say that someone close to him was suffering and he decided to put them out of their misery. When we look at it as humanity, it could be seen as a mercy killing. What causes stress here though is that demons don't see it that way. They look at a grey situation black and white. That is terrifying. He is being punished for doing what he thought was the right thing. I'm glad that it doesn't get revealed later though the particulars. He just tells Daniel in the opening scene that he killed someone. There's also an interesting thing that happens there as he technically killed Daniel as well, even if it was an accident. We see how strict things are with the little girl that also joins the afterlife. I did want to credit Dillon here as he is the character we follow.

Where I want to go now would be the concept of hell. It is taking on aspects of Dante Aligieri's 14th-century epic poem of the Divine Comedy. There are different rings of hell and what you do decides which one you go to. There is guide, Norgul, who is a demon. Nathan tries to plead with him and he points out that he doesn't judge. He is there to carry out what he's told. I did love that. We also see Billy, who is freakish, also doing what he is told. This goes dark where that story ends up. I love using this Christian mythology to tell the story.

Part of Nathan's punishment is that he experiences a couple people he touches in hell. First let me say here that I love that Quarxx, who wrote and directed this, decided to make hell look like it does from The Beyond and The Void. I'm a fan there. He touches a little girl, who is named Jeanne. She is terrifying as we see her story play out with what happens to her and this deformed person named Tony (Carl Laforêt). There is also the other which deals with Julia (Ophélia Kolb) coming to terms with what happened to her daughter, Chloé. These tugged at my heartstrings for a couple of different reasons so credit to the filmmaking there. I like that a child can be evil and then of course, there is the cardinal sin as well. That is where I'll leave it, but I'll credit all these actors for bringing the stories to life. It almost made me think this was going to be an anthology. It is just using those elements to help better tell this story.

All that is left then would be filmmaking. I'll credit the cinematography here. The afterlife looks like ours. We see that Nathan and Daniel can affect our world with something that happens. I like what get with the cinematography and framing bring things to life. The look of hell is good. That is terrifying for sure. We don't get a lot in the way of effects, but we don't need them. There were a couple scenes that needed more blood. That's not a major issue though. What was good though was the look of Tony and the demons that we meet in hell. I also like what they do with Chloé. Her eyes were creepy. Other than that, I thought sound design and music fit what was needed here.

In conclusion, I'm glad that I checked this movie out. We're playing with classic source material by incorporating elements of the Divine Comedy. Also, the use of Christian mythology is good as well. I thought that this told a simple story, but the backstories and how things fit together carries this. The acting was good in bringing the characters to life. That also helps to present the story. I'd also say that this is well made. The cinematography, settings and effects were good as well. I'll warn you; this is from France so I watched it with subtitles on. If that's not an issue and you like what I've said here, give this a watch.

My Rating: 8 out of 10.

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