1963 [BANGLA]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aaatanu 9 / 10

A Tarun Majumdar Classic

Once a Tarun Majumadar-ian,always a Tarun 1st movie experience in cinema hall was also a Tarun Majumdar movie...his all movies are very close to my heart...but somehow i missed this classic where he co-directed this film with Dilip Mukherjee & Sachin Mukherjee (Yatrik)....Anup Kumar is just Brilliant..perhaps this is the only film where Anup Kumar surpassed his contemporary Great Rabi Ghosh...almost all actors have done their job fine..and last but not the least Music Director Hemanta Mukherjee did a tremendous job by creating several cult songs in a single movie.."Jibonpurer pathik re bhai","Mon je Amar Kamon Kamon Kore","Dosh Diyona Amay Bondhu"...

Reviewed by Rainmaker2004 10 / 10

Just a basic outline of the idea

Well, first of all, 'palatak' means 'escapist' in bengali (it's an Indian language if you don't know). The movie is old and so is in black and white. The story is adopted from a short story by a famous bengali writer. It is a story of a man who couldn't stand the bounds and chains of happy settled life and preferred the bengali village outdoors better. He has no fixed ambition other than to go to places and meet different people. A perfect bohemian character. The movie is about his journey and about the people he meets on his way. Given a choice of selecting the best feature of the movie, I probably couldn't make up my mind between the acting and the music. The songs are incredible and the acting unbelievable. To get the real feel of the movie you must understand bengali, subtitles never have the same depth and punch. If you are a bengali movie lover and want to see some great acting and hear some great music, this movie is a must-watch. I'm an fan of bengali movies and specially the old ones. I HAVE to give it a 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by babind 10 / 10


'Palatak' a very old Bengali film casting 'Anup Kumar' in leading Role. This is the best Bengali Movie I have ever seen in my life so far. But only a Bengali can actually realize the depth of this movie. This film is made only for the Bengali viewers and this film will just toy with your emotions if you are a Bengali. Once the film is finished, you will certainly woke up from a sweet dream. Mind will be shaken, heart will be full of tear. Can never forget the last seen where the boat is sailing towards the sea and 'Jibonpurer Pothik' is breathing his last breath in it. Just one word can describe this film in short...' '...sorry could not find any appropriate word in dictionary which can do justice to this film's greatness.

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