Pablo Escobar: Countdown to Death

2017 [SPANISH]

Biography / Crime / Documentary / History

IMDb Rating 6.6/10 10 276 276

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Ronald Reagan as Self - Former President of USA
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo 8 / 10


Sincere documentary about Pablo Escobar, a cold-blooded killer, ambitious drug trafficker, who takes anyone out of the way to get what he wants at any cost, very interesting to alternate the testimonies of police, scholars and family, his son defends him with a passion that reaches to pity her "naivety" (normal), and also presented the social works, all probably for interests, as they are made very clear in the documentary, excellent...

Reviewed by nicorip22 6 / 10

Good documentary

This is a documentary, not a tv show, but it helps to really realize how monster this person was, since generally in recent tv shows they leave him as an anti heroes.

Reviewed by gibbs-18172 6 / 10

Manged to mess up a golden opportunity

Although i enjoy this topic since watching narcos and yes i know how narcos added some VAT onto the truth, this failed to keep me absolutely engaged. It just flips from one major event to another with narrative of how and why we get there.

Then you have the Pablo's son who still can't get to grips that his toys were paid for by blood money and whilst it was terrible his family was in the line of fire, daddy murdered babies, pregnant ladies, families out shopping, old ladies out walking because he couldn't have his own way. Some documentaries forget this and rather speak to the now late popeye whos version of events seems to change in every documentary he appears... Then again he was a criminal.

So its OK, its worth a watch but don't expect to see anything new. Except interviewing his widow and son.

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