Operation Kid Brother

1967 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy / Thriller

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Bernard Lee as Commander Cunningham
Daniela Bianchi as Maya Rafis
Anthony Dawson as Alpha
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Reviewed by mp99 4 / 10

"I'm Looking For FANG!!" (also with 75% more Moneypenny than usual)

In a recent article, TV critic Jamie Weinman noted that 1967 was the year that James Bond stopped being cool. The Bond film that year YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE was less successful than predecessors, and that was also the year that Italian filmmakers stopped cranking out spy films and started cranking out westerns . . .

Before they quit, though, they gave us just about the goofiest and most enjoyable Bond rip-off ever made-- OPERATION KID BROTHER, which is also know as OPERATION DOUBLE 007 and OK CONNERY, all of the titles pointing wildly to the star of the film as saying "He's actually SEAN'S BROTHER!!" At any rate, Sean's brother Neil Connery plays Neil Connery, a plastic surgeon/hypnotist/archer/lip-reader/karate-fighter . . . No doubt he can also unblock drains and make a perfect angel-food cake, but nobody in the movie asks him to . . . At any rate, Dr. Connery is plastic-surgeon-ing/hypnotizing/lip reading for a gathering of medical experts on the Riviera when his patient is kidnapped, first by Allied Counter-Intelligence, then by bad guys from the criminal gang Thanatos (no doubt formed by people who were fired from SPECTRE during one of Blofeld's efficiency drives). Apparently, the young lady knows something she doesn't know she knows. and after being kidnapped, she gets tortured by a short lesbian and shot to death by a hot-cha-cha Italian lady. There's also a lady spy who dresses at various times like Barney Rubble, Phyllis Diller, and a can-can dancer. She's played by Daniela Bianchi, who co-starred with The Other Connery in FROM Russia WITH LOVE and manages to remained poised and amused throughout. Her boss is played Adolfo Celi, who was in THUNDERBALL, which also starred The Other Connery, although like Ms. Bianchi, he pretends to find Neil terribly impressive. Almost with a straight face.

One of the great things about this movie is the presence of Lois Maxwell, who played Miss Moneypenny for years in the Bond films, and was always a highlight. She is here as well, and for once, she gets out in the field and proves she can kick ass as well as any plastic surgeon/hypnotist/lip-reader/archer. And look cool while doing it. As for Bernard Lee, he's along for the ride as well. Smiling broadly and apparently a bit soused. What the heck. The movie can survive it . . .

Reviewed by 23skidoo-4 5 / 10

Better than Casino Royale

I was expecting the worst when I found a copy of "Operation Double 007" (one of the many alternative titles for this film) in a bargain video rack for a dollar. But I didn't get the worst -- I got a surprisingly OK film.

Neil Connery, Sean's little brother, is indeed a dead ringer for his sibling. The only major difference is Neil sports a beard, in keeping with his character, a plastic surgeon. As far as acting goes, he has many of Sean's mannerisms down pat, but in the print I saw his voice was badly dubbed by an American (even though his character is clearly said to be Scottish), so I cannot pass judgment.

The story is a pastiche of Bond films past, such as Thunderball, a similarity driven home by the fact the main villain in both this movie and Thunderball is played by Adolfo Celi, one of a number of 007 veterans who somehow managed to get involved in this bizarre Italian production. Anthony Dawson (another 007 vet -- he was Dent in Dr. No and also provided the body for Blofeld in From Russia With Love and Thunderball) plays a Blofeld clone named Alpha, another apparent nod to Thunderball.

Bernard Lee (Bond's M) and Lois Maxwell (the first and best Moneypenny) appear in very similar roles in this file, EXCEPT that Maxwell's character gets a lot more action here. Fans of Moneypenny will love seeing her mowing down bad guys with a machine gun, and she even kidnaps another character! Bernard Lee, meanwhile, gets to show some of his comedy skills. Both actors do a good job here, and for the record they weren't overdubbed.

For me, the real pleasure in this movie is a rare chance to see Daniela Bianchi. Five years after seducing 007 in From Russia with Love, the Italian actress gets to play an assassin with a heart of gold, and she is absolutely gorgeous in this film. Fans of her work in From Russia should check this film out just for her (sadly, she retired from acting not long after this film was made).

Although this movie has been heavily criticized as a rip-off of 007, in fact there are a number of original touches that make the film, if not good, at least interesting. For example, Neil Connery's character (who is, imaginatively, named Neil Connery) is a master of hypnotism and is more apt to use his brains than his brawn. A good example of this is when he creates a MacGyver-like device to get past a machine gun turret.

Released the same year as the infamous Casino Royale spoof, I have to say that OK Connery actually has a better storyline, and unlike that other film, it actually (sort of) makes sense.

This film is hard to find (though I understand Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured it once). But serious Bond fans should check it out at least once as an interesting curio from the height of Bondmania. And if you're a fan of Lois Maxwell or Daniela Bianchi, it is definitely worth checking it out.

Reviewed by ericstevenson 5 / 10

I really didn't find this terrible!

The biggest complaint with this movie is that it's an obvious James Bond ripoff. Well...it mostly is. It's still hard to really blame the film because it does feature the brother of Sean Connery. There's even a mention to Ian Fleming's novels. I thought those were pretty cute little tongue in cheek references, whatever that means. Some of the action isn't that bad either. The explosions are done pretty well, but as we know from a Michael Bay film, those can never save an entire film. The fight scenes aren't bad.

The film still suffers from having a really dumb plot. It really does have no identity of its own. It was quite hard to follow, especially with how it was about radioactive rugs. That's weird even by James Bond standards. Like "The Village Of The Giants" it was hard to tell whether or not these jokes were intentional. I guess I'll give it credit for amusing me in some way. You do really have to watch the MST3K version as it truly is some of their best stuff. **

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