One, Two, Many


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 3.4/10 10 956 956

Top cast

Bonnie Aarons as Lady in the bathroom
Bellamy Young as Jennifer
Jeffrey Ross as Ernie
Jes Macallan as Woman in bed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CashBailey 1 / 10

Appalling failed vanity project

It's clear that Stuttering John Melendez thought this witless, narcissistic mess of a movie was going to make him the next Adam Sandler.

Melendez is built like a fire hydrant and has the charm of road kill, yet in this he is a lady-killing lothario battling with his limitless power to bed any woman he sees. The only sexual challenge he has yet to attain is... a threesome!

That's all you need to know about the 'plot' of this. Shot like a high-budget student film, its only technical merits are that it is audible and in focus.

Co-star Bellamy Young is charming and certainly deserves much better. Comedian and roasting legend Jeff Ross appears to be doing Melendez a favour by appearing in this, a role apparently written for Melendez's former Stern cohort Artie Lange.

Of all the garbage National Lampoon slapped their name on in the '00s it's hard to imagine anything worse than this.

Reviewed by weezercoke 1 / 10

Plan 9 is a better movie.

This movie isn't funny, even if you were high on dope it would be terrible.

Reviewed by whatwouldgenerdo 1 / 10

Stuttering John ISN'T FUNNY...

There's NOTHING WORSE than someone who THINKS they're funny, and they're simply NOT. Stuttering John Melendez embodies that. He's only famous because Howard Stern exploited him, and wrote him funny questions to embarrass celebrities with. This celluloid abortion is almost impossible to get through, and there's not a SINGLE LAUGH throughout it. Shame on Jeffrey Ross for lowering himself to appear in this piece of crap.

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