One Small Hitch


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17% · 6 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 5400 5.4K


Top cast

Jen Lilley as Larissa
Aubrey Dollar as Molly Mahoney
Daniel J. Travanti as Max Shiffman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pampowell5 7 / 10

One Small Hitch Hooked Me

This lighthearted "chick flick" was wonderful escapism entertainment. The story has probably been done before in different ways, but this one, due to its humor and cast, kept my attention and pulled me into the story. Josh's best friend was Molly's older brother during high school. Molly was always "the little sister." How each of them viewed the other drastically changed, even against their will, as the two "pretended" to be engaged to make Josh's dying father happy. The relationship evolved with humor utilizing miscommunication and even tackled the families' two opposite religions trying to meld together: staunch Irish Catholic and Jewish. Molly (Aubrey Dollar) was sweet, cute, and adorable...the all-American girl next door. Josh (Shane McRae) was the typical hot player, never wanting more than a bit of fun with women. The chemistry between the Dollar and McRae was believable and the families were stereotypical to the point of comical.

Although "One Small Hitch" was predictable, it was an absolute pleasure to watch. It was endearing, lighthearted, sweet, and just plain fun. This was a perfect film to see with girlfriends.

Reviewed by CassC0821 7 / 10

Surprisingly funny

This movie was actually really cute! I love the whole premise of them being childhood friends. It was a little corny but surprisingly really funny and sweet! Definitely a feel good movie, the leads and supporting cast were so much like everyday normal people, I liked that it felt real. I'm very happy that I watched it, although the story line was like something I feel has been done, the way that they made everything play out kept it interesting. The lead male was really funny, I liked his comic timing. The lead female was quirky and funny as well! I finished it with a smile on my face! I would definitely recommend this movie, it's a cute chick flick, fun for a girls night in.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Sweet small hitch

Maybe the hitch is not sweet, but the movie itself is. You could argue about the characters a bit I reckon. But I really do like the movie, even though it has clichés (which feed into the sweet notion of it of course) and is predictable as it gets. Still the actors can pull off the obvious and work with it.

Since this is a romantic comedy and even the poster/cover art is pretty much revealing, we do know where this is heading, but the ride to get there has to be fun. And if you let yourself into it, than this ride can be a lot of fun. While not the best movie you've seen or will see, this is pretty decent indeed

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