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Reviewed by etmuench 6 / 10

Lots of action but falls a little flat.

There is definitely a lot of action in this, and it's choreographed well. My main gripe is that it falls into the same old trope of guys coming one at a time to fight the hero. These are standard bad guy commandos you've seen in a million movies, but come on when there's 15 of them vs one guy with a flash light they can't handle him? I know it would hurt getting hit with a flashlight but if they even get tapped by it theyre on the ground writhing for the rest of the fight. For a movie trying to about REAL action it's ironic how not real any of this would be (I know it's just a movie, which is why I could still enjoy it). The final fight was a treat though and almost worth the movie alone. Gripes aside it's like a lesser version of The Raid. Still definitely worth a watch if your an action fan.

Reviewed by rashidehzaz 7 / 10

Re: Born 2.0 but without kills

Nice to Tak with another one of his action flicks, this time about an Action star actor that struggles with working alongside the film industry's crew on an action scene, fed up of all the exaggerated fantasy fights that's in trend, he took it upon himself to pitch his semi-realistic action flick to many of the top directors (ironically called One-percenter), his character also practices the art of Zero-range combat along with his past film, Re: Born. His character negotiated with the director to film at the abandoned warehouse as the film's location for his next flick, coincidently his former film crew turned rivals were using the same location along with the militarised Yakuza chasing down a mob leader's daughter in the same location, this is where thing's kick off and Tak takes advantage of the situation to turn this action flick into a reality and asked his trusty side-kick to film the whole thing.

At first the film could've worked, but unfortunetely the plot was pretty simple, although the action sequence was cool, at least more unarmed fights in this film compared to Re: Born, but I feel like Re: Born was better in it's plot. I also notice you won't be seeing Tak using a knife in this film, but he utilises other objects as weapons.

Overall: This film isn't spectacular, but it does have it's moments in the action sequences and funny support characters.

Reviewed by / 10

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