Once Upon a Texas Train


Action / Comedy / Romance / Western

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Angie Dickinson as Maggie
Shailar Coby as Nash Crawford
Kevin McCarthy as The Governor
Jack Elam as Jason Fitch
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Reviewed by classicsoncall 6 / 10

"Guess it's time to put on my gunfightin' glasses".

With that old familiar call to arms code word 'Brazos!', the Over the Hill Gang rides again in this late Eighties made for TV flick that fans of classic Westerns will be glad to catch for one last roundup. The story itself is probably secondary to seeing familiar favorites like Jack Elam, Royal Dano, Gene Evans and Dub Taylor all in one place. Maybe the biggest shocker for me was seeing how much the old Rifleman himself, Chuck Connors, had aged in appearance from his TV star days, but after all, he was sixty seven or so at the time of the picture. It got me to thinking how any of these guys might still be able to stay on a horse. All of the principals except Willie Nelson were in their sixties or seventies, with Dub Taylor around eighty one. Hard to imagine him riding the range as Cannonball Taylor as far back as the 1940's with the likes of Wild Bill Elliott, Jimmy Wakely and the Durango Kid.

The picture is built around crusty villain John Henry Lee, portrayed by Willie Nelson, who's first thought after getting out of prison after twenty years is to go and rob a bank with his old pardners. Hot on his trail is Richard Widmark's Captain Owen Hayes, harboring a personal grudge against his foe. That's where Angie Dickinson comes in as Mrs. Hayes, who in earlier times might have gone the other way with the red headed stranger.

The idea of Shaun Cassidy heading up a young passel of outlaws to go up against the old timers seemed a bit awkward. Even when they had the upper hand, you always had the idea that these guys were in way over their heads. Wouldn't it have been something if in the final showdown, the old geezers simply put the upstarts over their knees for a good old spanking?

Like I said earlier, catch this one for a bit of TV Western nostalgia. It's got generous amounts of humor mixed in with the shoot 'em up action, and fans of the players will appreciate that last ride into the sunset.

Reviewed by FightingWesterner 7 / 10

Third Ride For The Over The Hill Gang

After spending twenty years in prison, outlaw Willie Nelson gathers together his old gang, including brother Dub Taylor and Royal Dano, before returning to his old preoccupation with robbing a Texas train. Meanwhile retired Texas Ranger Richard Widmark gets his boys back together in order to capture them. They both end up tangling with a young gang, led by Shaun Cassidy.

A second, much belated sequel to the classic TV movie The Over The Hill Gang, this has Widmark, Chuck Conners, Jack Elam, and Stuart Whitman slipping into the roles previously held by Pat O'Brien, Walter Brennan, Edger Buchanan, and Chill Wills respectively, with Elam appearing as different characters in both films.

Well written, produced and directed by the great Burt Kennedy, this is reminiscent of his work on The War Wagon and The Train Robbers, all three being glib, fast-paced, and entertaining light-hearted western adventures, although this isn't as good as the other two.

Once Upon A Texas Train has a great cast of old-timers (mostly dead now), with nice cameos by Harry Carey Jr. and an especially frail-looking Hank Worden.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Will That John Henry Lee Ever Reform?

Director Burt Kennedy took the same foursome of Texas Rangers from the Over The Hill Gang of 1969 and now has given them a new quest. Captain Richard Widmark is on the trail of Willie Nelson, an old war buddy from the Confederate Army and now a bank robber, who's back to his old tricks again. Only this time some young guns led by former teen bubble gum idol Shaun Cassidy have stolen the loot that Nelson and his gang had stolen from the gang in Del Rio.

Widmark and his cronies, Chuck Connors, Jack Elam, and Stuart Whitman turn out to have a lot more in common with the old outlaws, Nelson, Dub Taylor, Ken Curtis, Royal Dano, and Gene Evans than they think.

This group of old character actors were what made the movies so enjoyable back then. They had faces and identities you couldn't miss. We should all thank Burt Kennedy for assembling this whole crew for a last roundup.

As Willie Nelson says they may be old, but they are professionals and that's what counts when the chips are down.

There's a romantic subplot here. Widmark has always suspected his wife Angie Dickinson of having a yen for Nelson back in the day. That's a good deal of the reason he's pursuing Nelson with such vehemence.

It's a treat to see all these old timers again and the film is worth seeing just to see Jack Elam trade in his horse for a bicycle to keep up with the times.

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