Odd Job

2016 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.4/10 10 1927 1.9K

Top cast

Alice Belaïdi as Anita
Romain Duris as Jacques Scoran
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Zlomov 7 / 10

Watch it if you want some fun.

A very nice black comedy from France. I don't watch a lot of modern French films made after the invasion of Besson. I came across this movie by chance and the description seemed interesting to me.

And in general, I was satisfied and recommended it to my friends for viewing.

It's a sitcom with dark undertones, but it's not dark or bloody.

The main character with his beard at first reminded me of a typical hipster. But he plays a simple hard worker who is out of work and in a difficult financial situation.

It so happened that one of his acquaintances is connected with shady cases. He offered him to do murders for money.

The film is quite inventive. He keeps in suspense in episodes with murders, but at the same time does not allow the main character to turn into a cold-blooded inveterate scoundrel who kills anyone. These episodes are replaced by scenes of the protagonist's daily life, where he is also shown from the human side and causes sympathy.

The ending of the film is open, as it should be in such cases.

Reviewed by pub-21 8 / 10

Great movie

Very well done on all aspects. Accolades to all cast and crew. Love the way European movies are so not Hollywood!

My only criticism (reason for 8 stars not nine) is having to read subtitles I miss out on the visuals and the odd bit of dialogue as I am slow reader.

Reviewed by georgecurca-36273 7 / 10

Promising dark comedy

This movie has all the premise to be great, but it falls short in the second part. It builds up nicely and then fizzles, runs out of steam. So many lost opportunities for twists and turns, this could have been a great dark comedy. Instead, we're left with strong start that never truly delivers, and stale scenes that could have been much more.

The leading pair fails to build good screen chemistry, I was never convinced of their "drama" - it's as if they never rehearsed the lines before, and somehow I don't think it's because Romain.

Romain Duris is a great actor, and he does a great job navigating the role and evolving it for us to see. I'm glad to see the European industry still has a beating heart.

Definitely a movie to watch.

However, I will give this a solid 7/10, it's well deserved.

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