Ninja Apocalypse


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 16% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 3.2/10 10 971 971

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Ernie Reyes Jr. as Hiroshi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

It was an apocalypse alright...

Where to begin? This movie was just horrible on so many accounts.

Let's start with story concept and storyline then. Apparently a nuclear war destroys Earth and forces man to scurry underground to live and wait for the radiation fallout to clear. And apparently while doing so, mankind formed into ninja clans living by some Code of Honor of some sort. It just doesn't make any sense. Why would USA, which I assume is where the movie takes place given the language spoken and the dialects heard, become a ninja feudal society? It is just laughable to the point where it becomes stupid.

So as mankind comes back to the surface of a wartorn Earth, the ninja clans must unite. But for the many years underground, ordinary clothing and firearms magically disappeared? Everyone was running around in clothes reminiscent of feudal Japan and using katanas, wakizashis and shurikens. It just didn't add up. Why would such weaponry be in abundance in a post apocalyptic USA? And while on the topic of "magic", then living underground apparently caused mankind to grow magical abilities such as telekinesis, summoning lightning, fire and even weaponry, and what have we not. Again, it was so far out there that it didn't come off as believable in any way.

Oh, and I guess that mankind also mutated into reptilian hybrids at some point during their exile from the surface of the Earth. Why? My, oh my, why? And then there were zombies. Wait, what? Zombies? Yeah, zombies suddenly emerged in the furthest depths of the compound. And the ninjas fought them as if fighting zombies was an every day occurrence in post apocalyptic ninja USA. Right... Normally I am all for zombies, but they were so misplaced in this particular movie.

I also loved the way that under 50 people managed to clap and cheer in a way that sounded like a sports arena packed to the max with spectators cheering and applauding. It was really stupid.

Acting-wise, well let's just say you shouldn't get your hopes up too high. You know what you will get with a movie titled "Ninja Apocalypse", so enough said.

What the movie did have working for it was the fighting and action. Although while not award-winning, it still proved entertaining enough for what it was worth. And of course, the ninjas. Yeah, anything with ninjas is worth a watch just for the fun of it.

"Ninja Apocalypse" doesn't make for a very worthy addition to the history of ninja movies. And truth be told, they don't make ninja movies the way they used to anymore. The good ninja movies are rare and far between.

The movie makes good enough entertainment for a single viewing if you truly have nothing else to watch. "Ninja Apocalypse" is by no means a milestone in cinematic history.

Reviewed by infernal-eternal 5 / 10

American Antininjapocalypse

This movie is supposed to be about ninjas. Sadly, these guys don't act like ninjas. They act like typical Americans.

Arrogance, macho attitude, constant bickering amongst themselves instead of fighting the enemy, no sense of honour and discipline, ridiculousness and stupidity... That's what you get. It's hard to enjoy a movie where all characters are like that. Add poor acting and some cliché melodramatic scenes that don't make much sense, and you've got the whole picture.

The plot is obviously completely irrelevant in a movie called "Ninja Apocalypse", so I won't get into it.

As a side note, the group of our "heroes" consists of 3 white males, one woman, and one black guy. I'll let you guess which two die first.

If all you care about is a bunch of guys fighting, go for it. The fighting scenes weren't too bad. But that's really the only thing this movie has going for it.

Reviewed by OmairCh 4 / 10

Mortal Kombat meets Resident Evil meets Light Sabers

This is an OK time-pass movie. Like if you don't have a AAA title to watch or just want to have a casual watch you can look at this. It kinda like Mortal Kombat meets Resident Evil meets Starwars Light Sabers meet Ninjas.

You have your good Raidens and Liu Kangs and your bad Reptiles and Tanyas with Shang Sung. Budget as you can tell is quite low but still decent stuff pulled off. Story wise well just your average survival stuff.

In short, its not a total waste of time and for a video game fan like myself this could prove to be a nice watch since you can tell from where the movie makers were inspired from to make different set pieces.

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