Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever

2023 [DANISH]

Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74% · 27 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 1808 1.8K


Top cast

Caspar Phillipson as Trondheim
Kim Bodnia as Jens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aronharde 5 / 10

Review for people that have never seen the original

First of all I have to say that I never saw the original movie, so if you are here to see if this would compare to that movie, then this review might not be the one for you.

But since I write a review to every new horror movie I see, I won't make an exception for this one. I read a plot synopsis of the original one so I had some idea what the past of this movie would be. I found my way around the plot pretty quickly and it didn't take long to see how the characters worked and what type of people they were.

In the intro sequence there's a scene where a young man bashes his head against a unidirectional perspective glass in an interrogation room and the effects looked a little wonky which made me skeptical at first. However since the movie barely uses any CGI, that was the only time that I noticed flaws with the effects. The movie is written by the same writer and there are some characters coming back from the 1994 original which will definitely please some fans.

However the movie is rather slow and with almost two hours of runtime I think it really dragged. This could have been a 90-minute movie and it would be equally as enjoyable if not more. Also the movie introduces a really generic twist which felt unoriginal and lazy. I think if you are a big fan of the original movie you might get something from this sequel, however if you have never seen it like me, this movie doesn't provide much entertainment and therefore doesn't manage to stand on it's own. [5,1/10]

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

Does a pretty good job considering the limitations of a 30 year later sequel

A 30 year later sequel is a strange thing, but probably what's even more strange is that it took 30 years at all considering how successful the original was. I didn't even have to check if 'Nightwatch: Demons Are Forever' was made by the same writer/director as the original. I could tell by the chaotic structuring that both films possess. If you enjoyed the original then I'm sure you can at least find some enjoyment in this film.

Again, just like the first, for the first 40-50 minutes of the film I really had no idea where it was headed or what it was even about. Then out of nowhere, just like the first, it straightens the wheel and puts itself on course for a pretty entertaining and well done final hour or so.

Most of the original cast are back, which is a great effort all this time later. Considering the success Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has had in the meantime I'm a little surprised they were able to entice him, particularly considering they made his character a shell of his former self. There is one scene where he interrupts his daughter at the school that really should've been left on the cutting room floor.

In a lot of ways this is going to come across as a strange sequel. But considering how much later it is and that they were able to work the entire original cast into and still make a somewhat creepy and coherent story out of it, I think it is an impressive effort. 7/10.

Reviewed by Seb_3 6 / 10

A fine followup, that doesn't justify its existence

It is extremely smart to make a follow up to a danish cult classic almost 30 years later. You manage you capture a new audience, while reintroducing and appealing to the ones who watched it on release back in 1994.

Now this new installment feels and looks like a modernization of the first one and delves into the story years later. It manages to keep the creepyness from the first one, despite lacking the humor and the "out-there-ness" the first movie brought in its delivery and script.

The performances are great all around, but it doesn't do anything new in terms of the genre. To be honest, I personally didn't like the ending, as I felt it lacked a sense place as a lot of the problems the movie explored through its runtime, is resolved with a cliche ending.

It's a good enough movie, even if it doesn't justify its existence because of the sense of conclusion we got in the original.

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