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Top cast

Edward G. Robinson as Rene Bressard
Kevin McCarthy as Stan Grayson
Barry Atwater as Capt. Warner
John Mitchum as Onlooker at Stan's Suicide Attempt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 6 / 10

Stan Grayson is in a Jazz Funk.

Maxwell Shane remakes his own 1947 film Fear in the Night but with a better known cast and more money. Adapted from Cornell Woolrich's novel, story has Stan Grayson (Kevin McCarthy) as a New Orleans clarinetist who dreams he has committed a murder in a heavily mirrored room. Upon waking he finds clues that suggest he actually may have killed a man and frantically turns to his police detective brother-in-law, Rene Bressard (Edward G. Robinson), for help. But it doesn't look good for Stan...

Fear in the Night is a good film, and so is this, but if you have seen the earlier version then this feels very much perfunctory. The opening titles are superb, as melted candle wax plays host to the roll call shown in moody dissolves. We jump into Grayson's dream, again this is very well constructed on noirish terms, and from there on in it's a competently crafted visual film noir picture with good tension and splendid jazzy interludes.

However, nothing else makes it stand out, it just sort of exists as an exercise in late noir cycle film making, a pic that doesn't want to even try to push boundaries. The cast are dependable in performances, but nothing to really grab the attention, though Shane does work near wonders to cloak the characters in various levels of paranoia or suspicious machinations. New Orleans locales are a bonus, with cinematographer Joseph Biroc excelling at sweaty close-ups and the utilisation of shadows as foreboding presence's.

It all resolves itself in a haze of improbability, but as most film noir fans will tell you, that's actually OK. Yet this is still a film that's far from essential viewing for the like minded noir crowd. More so if you happened to have seen the 1947 version first. 6/10

Reviewed by blanche-2 7 / 10

good remake of "Fear in the Night"

I had a feeling of deja vu as I watched this, and I soon realized it was a remake of Fear in the Night, a 1947 film starring DeForrest Kelley.

This film stars Edward G. Robinson, Kevin McCarthy, Virginia Christine, Connie Russell.

A young New Orleans jazz musician Stan (McCarthy) dreams that he's involved in a murder. He wakes up holding a button, a key, and he has blood on him. He's convinced he committed murder without realizing it. He approaches his brother-in-law Rene (Robinson), a police detective, who brushes it off as a nightmare.

One day, while on a picnic, Stan, Rene, Rene's wife (Christine) and Stan's girlfriend Gina (Russell) are caught in a rainstorm. Without realizing how he knows, Stan directs them to a house. There's a mirrored room as in his dream, and the key fits a closet.

Rene realizes that somehow Stan was involved and accuses him of lying and demanding to know the whole story. Stan swears it was all a dream, and he doesn't know what happened. When the sheriff comes along and tells them there was a murder in the house, Rene wants more information, believing Stan is a killer.

Neat story by Cornell Woolrich, who wrote "Rear Window." Edward G. Robinson is great as always as a man determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Kevin McCarthy, who worked until he died at 96, is adorable in this.

Some fantastic singing by Connie Russell -- it's worth watching the film just to hear her -- in what would be her last film. After a long career on stage, films, and clubs on two continents, she retired when she became a mom.

Very entertaining. The end is wonderful, and really puts it a cut above "Fear in the Night."

Reviewed by howdymax 9 / 10

Scared to Death

Kevin McCarthy, a jazzman from New Orleans, has a nightmare. He dreams he was in a strange room and committed a murder, only to find out the next morning that there are clues he actually did it. Terrified, he goes to his brother-in-law (Edward G Robinson) to ask for help. Edward G doesn't believe him at first, but soon the evidence begins to pile up. The rest is too good to reveal. Kevin McCarthy's performance right on the heels of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" is flawless - the terrified victim - again. Eddie G's character as the cynical, hard boiled homicide dick is one of his best. The story riveted me from start to finish and director Maxwell Shane set just the right tone. Watch for the final scenes in the mirrored room. The atmosphere shots of New Orleans in the 50's transports us back to another time. It's a mystery - a drama - a thriller. Do not miss it.

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