Night of the Skinwalkers


Action / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bookings-06163 10 / 10

It's a great movie

Fun, original, inventive, fresh. It's highly intellectual, well-shot and will stick with you days after watching it. One of the better movies so far of 2024 with dozens of references to classic gilm. The negative reviews are likely from Hollywood PR firms or people expecting an alien invasion movie. This is more like Funny Games meets Psycho. It's very low budget but hard to tell while watching it as it looks much better than the budget suggests.

Basically, it's about three couples that head to a cabin in the future amidst what appears to be a great depression with gas prices as high as $50 a gallon. The three main couples represent the "elites" of modern society, one is the son of a senator, for example. They pick up a 4th couple, whose car has broken down and cell service isn't working, and who at the outset, appear to be elites as well, having studied at ivy league schools and so on. They offer to help them with getting a tow and bring them back to the vacation home they are staying at in a largely abandoned country setting where the economic situation has turned it into a ghost town. What follows after is what makes this movie great. Without providing spoilers, I will say,

Reviewed by aishaikagama 10 / 10

An intelligent movie for intelligent audiences

We really enjoyed another movie from the same team at a film fest years ago so we decided to check this out when we received an email they had a new film out. Basically, like another reviewer said, it's like Signs meets Psycho with a twist. If you go into this expecting a big budget Hollywood movie, you'll probably be disappointed as this is more like The Seventh Seal in that the dialouge and character building have priority. I would say the film is more for people that are highly educated and can catch the references to other films, especially older ones. If you didn't go to college and study philosophy, or don't know who Jean-Paul Sartre is, you'd probably want to skip this movie just like the existentialist film creatives other films Scent, Eaters of the Dead, SARS-29 and Journey to the End of the Night, which are probably a bit too intellectual for casual viewers and will be more than they can chew and handle if they are expecting non-stop action and mindless entertainment. But if you like movies that make you think, and will stick with you days afterward, especially with the ending, then it's worth checking out.

Reviewed by johannes2000-1 1 / 10

A total, chaotic mess

There seems to be lots of confusion about the title. My streaming video of this movie on Prime openend the credits with the title "Night of the Skinwalkers" by director Michael Szymczyk, but on IMDb there's in his filmography no movie with that title, only this "The Night the World Ends". On account of the synopsis and the stills from that movie on IMDb it's definitely the same movie that I saw. But one of the reviewers for this "The Night the World Ends" on IMDb starts with the observation: "Night of the Skinwalkers, not to be confused with the low quality malware-infested version going around pirate sites known as The Night The World Ends", so that doesn't really help.

Anyway, whatever the title is, it doesn't make this sad production any better. At the start I really thought that it maybe was meant as a joke or a parody, but all too soon it became clear that everything was meant to be dead serious, and it's simply very, very bad! Sound and photography are uneven, the story is confusing and chaotic, the direction is clumsy, and the acting of the whole cast is below every par, with as rock bottom the Will-character, who for some reason walks around in a Sound-of-Music lederhosen and behaves like an irritating cry-baby. The synopsis promises a scifi or alien flick, but don't expect anything of the kind, the plot (if you may call it so), including one or two (intended) twists, totally botches up all the possible potential. At the end I was left exasperated, with a feeling of disbelief at how anyone involved can have been content with, let alone proud of this total mess. Avoid!!

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