Neneh Superstar

2022 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.5/10 10 188 188

Top cast

Maïwenn as Myriam Bel-Hadj, dite Marianne Belage
Richard Sammel as Victor Max
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sashachambeshi-15587 8 / 10

Little black & brown girls or boys need movies like these!!

I had never even heard of this film, I found it by complete chance. There is a reason that this is not distributed a much broader audience and it is for the exact reason that the father told his daughter "you have just discovered how it is to be black in France!"

At its core, "Neneh Superstar" is a character-driven narrative that delves into the intricacies of Neneh's inner world. Played with remarkable depth and nuance by the talented lead actress, the character of Neneh is a compelling blend of strength and vulnerability. Her struggles with self-acceptance, familial expectations, and societal pressures are palpably portrayed, drawing the audience into her emotional journey with empathy and understanding.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by noshouse 9 / 10

I really love this movie, and dreams are all about turning into real actions.

This is truly a movie worth watching with kids. The plot touches on a lot of educational issues, especially when it comes to disadvantaged individuals moving to different communities. It explores themes of making friends and teachers' perspectives on education, which can really make you feel the pressure. Especially when it comes to race issues, kids are gradually learning throughout their growth what's similar and what's different about others compared to themselves. When many people treat someone as special, it creates a distinction and separation between individuals. I can say the first half of this movie can almost be considered a textbook for real-world society. But it's the second half that really strikes a chord with me. As long as there's something interesting to others, there will be supporters. Even if the teaching methods of the teachers aren't familiar, the ultimate goal is progress. How others teach isn't the issue; it's whether you're growing that you need to ask yourself about.

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