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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
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Travis Fimmel as Marcus Rutherford
Ben Mendelsohn as Detective Meares
Michael Dorman as Ben Rutherford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lojitsu 6 / 10

Better then a poke in the eye with a hot needle!!

A-Z Horror Movie of the Day..."Needle" (R - 2010 - Australia)

Sub-Genre: Paranormal/Slasher

My Score: 6.1

Cast=4 Acting=5 Plot=8 Ending=7 Story=7 Scare=5 Jump=6 F/X=7 Creep=6 Blood=6

An archaeology student inherits an 18th century mechanical device known as "Le Vaudo Mort". At a party he flaunts the machine in front of his closest friends and discovers that the machine has a sinister past.

Your fate has been chosen, but that doesn't mean you have to watch this movie. It looked like it was trying to be "Hellraiser" at first, but the voodoo element was pretty fun. It tries to be a mystery, but I don't think they succeeded there. I liked the was my favorite part of the film. They could have done more with it, but it's worth a watch like it is! Either way, it's better than a hot needle in your eye!!

Reviewed by funnycommentor 6 / 10

Unexpectedly good

The plot of the movie was just ok. The characters were basic, no one was interesting. The storyline has some similarities with the movie "Polaroid" (2019). The kills were unexpectedly gory, they were nice. Even though, the idea of a cursed machine that kills people was kinda stupid, it was portrayed well.. It wasn't scary. The ending was unexpected, it was kinda silly. However, it does makes sense. Overall, it's just an enjoyable movie that keeps you intense from start to finish.

Reviewed by TdSmth5 7 / 10

Gory and fun

Some college kid inherits a mysterious box. He checks with specialists and discovers that it's quite valuable and some people are interested in it. It also was used in the past for magic acts.

When the kid's creepy brother appears, with whom he hasn't spoken for years, the box mysteriously disappears. And now, one by one his friends start dying in brutal, gory, and bizarre ways. One of them for example, has his limbs torn and broken without any apparent cause. But we do know what is happening. The killer is using the box, photographs of the victims, blood and wax to create a tiny voodoo doll to dismember and poke with needles.

The brother is also coincidentally a crime scene photographer who for some reason can't wipe a cocky smile off his face no matter what gory scene he's called to.

The kid's friends include a bunch of very attractive girls, one which is interested in him but he's rather shy. Eventually the kid and his brother by chance run into the killer and they find out why the killer is doing it.

Needle has an interesting premise, a good cast, is very gory, and it's frankly quite endearing to see Australians dealing with each other, which is a much more human and kind way than obnoxious bickering American movie characters. In particular the relationship between the kid and his love interest is well done. This movie is quite the opposite of American horror that often is nasty and mean spirited but lacks gore or violence. This movie is good-natured and filled with good people but it sure is gory. Nudity is sorely lacking and so is perhaps a villain, after all you really don't see or know much about him till the very end. The idea of a voodoo doll-creating machine is also pretty interesting. The death scenes are excellent. Overall a recommended horror movie that has an interesting way of blending violence and gore with a fairly gentle tone.

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