2006 [HINDI]

Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.5/10 10 1347 1.3K


Top cast

Sunny Deol as Veer K. Malhotra
Anil Kapoor as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manoj-ransing 4 / 10

could have been a good movie

First of all, let me say that good or bad it is different than our normal Bollywood stories. It certainly sets the 'may be coming new era' of adventure and fiction Bollywood movies.

But the movie is a miserable failure at most of the points. Lets start with music. Not a single song, you will like to remember when you are out of theater. Action which must be an important part in such movies, looks like directly taken from Hollywood movies. But again, as with the current Bollywood movies, nothing looks real. Audience can easily guess that this scene you have done with strings attached to the actors body. Moreover, when you show some over action, like two guys destroying the whole camp, you will need some extra stunts, to make it believable. But it fails to make an impression.

In the area of acting, only Sunny and Jackie has done some good job. These experience actors are good with their limited talents. Vivek still has to do a lot and Sameera (who I don't know why has any role in this movie) in fact was almost negligible. You watch her because she is occupying screen.

Coming to story, it was good except that as any other Bollywood movie there are lot of loop holes. Though it was nicely joined with Mahabharat, it seems that writer do not have deep knowledge. Just a little bit more on Kavach part, could have done better.

On direction, looks like a lot efforts have been taken on special efforts. And seems that because of this other areas remain unimproved. Some scenes like river crafting, and fight with dwarfs could have made better and realistic with just a bit more efforts. But seems like director was confident on visual effects and story line and thinks these things as secondary. At the end, it just makes an impression of a new software which fails due to major bugs.

Reviewed by vipulguptar 3 / 10

just a review

Yesterday i got the chance to view this movie. Name of the movie encouraged me a lot. I thought it would be a good adventure movie with some mystery involved. I i would like to appreciate the writer for thinking in a new way by concatenating adventure with mystery but he fails to write a realistic story and same happens in the direction part also. Through out the movie Director is not able to leave his mark. He would have covered the jungle and mountain in a different way by capturing some amazing location. we expect some good music from every Bollywod movie but here also Naksha fails completely. Through out the movie i was searching for the best part of the movie and sorry so say i couldn't found it. In coming future i would like to see some more Bollywod movies which try to think about some kind of good mixture of adventure and mystery with good direction.


Reviewed by Menancing_Ninja 5 / 10

Not Bad but a good attempt

I had no intention of writing a review on this film but after reading the reviews written by others i was forced to do so. One of them said that the movie deals with trash mythology.Let me bring to the notice that the film has shown some amazing things about the Indian Heritage so you can take a hike. The movie is quite average and enjoyable.Few things in it is not acceptable like the scenes of Sunny Deol and Vivek Oberoi which was just copied from Welcome to the Jungle and also the action sequences like the jeep stunt, the shotgun sequence, and the fight with the dwarfs. It was just Cut and Paste. The story though was the same, but the actors had done quite well.Sameera Reddy was unnecessary. Jackie Shroff did a fairly good job and was acceptable. Hence, in all it was a film with too many songs, but enjoyable at the same time... Only a one time watch...

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