Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58% · 38 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53% · 100K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 112569 112.6K


Top cast

Morgan Fairchild as Morgan Fairchild
Elliott Gould as Elliott Gould
Priscilla Presley as Jane Spencer
Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Void 6 / 10

A lesser showing for the second sequel

So, here we are then, with the third part of the very silly 'Naked Gun' series. For some reason, David Zucker isn't in the director's chair this time; and his replacement is the man who would go on to direct the 2004 disappointment '50 First Dates' a decade later; Peter Segal. This doesn't matter, though, because Zucker still shares a writing credit, and the series always belonged to Leslie Nielson anyway. Still, this third part isn't as good as the first two, by quite a margin. The story is less expansive this round, and the film is also a lot shorter (probably a comment on the fact that the writers were running out of ideas...), but it still has it's moments that are really funny. As usual, quite a few of the jokes don't work, but there's usually one that does just around the corner after a failed one. One sequence in particular involving Frank Drebin in a dance number is one such moment.

The thin plot is mostly a parody on the crime classic 'White Heat', and it involves Frank Drebin going undercover in jail and eventually having to try and thwart an act of terrorism. Naturally, this is just a springboard for lots and lots of gags, but that's no bad thing. Leslie Nielson approaches the role with the usual gusto, and does well with it again. Leslie Nielson's comedy works because he looks so ridiculous, and he can just stand around doing nothing and make you laugh. The Naked Gun series is a good waste of time if all you want is a laugh and this second sequel delivers on that front too, although not in quite as good a way as the first two did. Still, there's a lot worse comedies around.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Frank Drebin is back , well reincarnated by a hilarious Nielsen

This is a pretty funny spoof with a unstopped string of gags which holds up almost to the final. Again Frank Drebin(Nielsen) return from retirement to help Police Squad(George Kennedy, O. J. Simpson). Drevin is back this time to save the Oscar Academy from a plot hatched by a nasty villain. The dumber law officer from Inspector Clouseau goes undercover a penitentiary where is a top terrorist named Rocco(Fred Ward). He along with his mother(Kathleen Freeman) and girlfriend(Anna Nicole Smith) are planning bomb the Academy Award ceremony . Meanwhile, his wife Jane(Priscilla Presley) is desperate for pregnant and leaves him.

This amusing picture is plenty of slapdash and slapstick, displaying lots of laughs and silly gags. This third part with the deadpan, botcher Drebin, has been planned by ZAZ, : Jim Abrahams, Jerry and David Zucker. They're known satirists with successful work and longtime collaborators and made their own comedy troupe, the Kentucky Fried theater. The parody is hilarious, continuous and absurd , though sometimes is gross-out, but some moments here and there also is intelligent and bold. However lacks the freshness of its predecessors, two prequels titled ¨From the filed of Police Squad¨ and ¨The smell of fear¨. As always, the usual cinematographic references , being an entertaining to find them out, as the parody includes: ¨The untouchables(Brian De Palma)¨ and ¨The great escape(John Sturges)¨and prison films. Habitual cameos and long invited actors, such as, James Earl Jones, R.Lee Ermey, Rachel Welch,Morgan Fairchild, Mariel Hemingway, Pia Zadora, Elliot Gould, among them. The film is professionally directed by Peter Segal. The motion picture will like to Leslie Nielsen enthusiastic and lunatic humor buffs.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 4 / 10

How low can you go?

O.K., there are still plenty of laughs, but the plot is being stretched into its attempts to continue the "Naked Gun" franchise. So when all else fails, spoof the Oscars. That's what happens here with a terrorist attack on a burning L.A. (spoofing the recent riots) and even turning Priscilla Presley into Susan Sarandon from "Thelma and Louise". This might as well "The Naked Rip-Off" because all of its ideas seem taken from other recent hit movies. If the "Ghost" spoof in "Naked Gun 2 1/2" got a ton of laughs, why wouldn't other movies? That seems to be the consensus for Zucker and Abrams, and while some of them work, many of them land with a thud. Still, those which do land are very funny, and the new additions to the cast are quite amusing.

Nielsen goes undercover to get the goods on federal penitentiary prisoner Fred Ward who has a Marjorie Rambeau/"White Heat" like mother, played by the very funny Kathleen Freeman who threatens to steal every scene that she gets with her gruff personality that only a son like Ward could love. Ward has a sexy mistress with a secret (played by Anna Nicole Smith) who keeps running into Nielsen and eventually makes a play for him. While on vacation with pal Ellen Greene, Priscilla Presley runs into estranged hubby Nielsen who along with Ward has arranged a prison escape, and eventually, the entire group ends up at the Oscars where the pretentiousness of the ceremony is deliciously spoofed, giving a very funny ending to an otherwise mediocre movie.

Unfortunately, there's minimal footage of Nielsen's old "Police Squad" cronies George Kennedy and O.J. Simpson, and with Simpson's personal life about to catch up with him, some of the things he goes through are quite ironic. The Oscars scenes are worth the price of admission with Nielsen pretending to be Phil Donahue (instant Phil, just add spec's), giving co-presenter Raquel Welch a difficult time. Cameos by other big names like James Earl Jones and Olympia Dukakis (presenting best picture) are intertwined with a deliciously bad musical number featuring none other than that "Butterfly"/"Lonely Lady" herself, Pia Zadora, who while not one of the best actresses to come and go in Hollywood in the past 40 years, can certainly sing and dance.

Somebody here must have been a huge fan of "The Brady Bunch", because in addition to a cameo by Ann B. Davis in her "Alice" outfit is Florence Henderson as an Oscar Nominee, the one Nielsen hopes will win ("And it's about time!", he exclaims). The prison scene has one funny gag showing Nielsen's way of "protecting" his virtue in the shower, and the ingenious ways that Nielsen and Ward get rid of the dirt they are digging out for their escape tunnel is amusing as well. But much of it seems forced, and if they hadn't convinced themselves that "Smell of Fear" was where they should have quit, hopefully reactions to this one was. As popcorn films go, it has its moments, but the lack of originality is what truly kills it.

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