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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gnic2000 5 / 10

Not bad acting, but that's it

The actors do a good job, they made me believe they were from a small town (not a big city). Particularly, Nahir was very similar to what I remember from the real one. However, that's the only good thing from this movie.

The editing was very weird: the movie jumps in different timelines but not always tells you when that happens (sometimes you're shown the year, but other times you're not), leaving you to guess when things are going on. Some minor plots are barely touch (which makes no point in showing them), and the writing of the plot is kinda awful. There are some background music scenes that do not match the atmosphere of the moment in the movie they're played.

If you knew nothing about the real case, the movie is definitely confusing as to what really happened.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

What she said (did?)

No pun intended - I was not familiar with the case of Nahir - and apparently the movie may not be entirely truthful - at least according to some of the reviewers here. Since I have not followed the case nor read up on it, I can't compare the real life incidents and court hearings and what not, to what the movie portrays.

What I can say: powerhouse performance by the main actress who really gives it her all to show many sides to a troubled teenager. Motivations aside, it is never easy to play such a role which feels quite evil - is she though? Again, I can only judge (and no pun intended here either) from what we see in the movie ... and that does show a complex character ... and even more intriguing story behind it ... the truth shall set you free ... well does it? The end credits may suggest otherwise ... let's see.

Reviewed by celotim 1 / 10

Awful, not credible, false premise

This is not a common review. The movie plot is an outrage. A "film" (actually just a low budget tv one) with a preposterous and unnaceptable script. The murderer in real life, a psyco, here's just a poor naive girl. Nothing farther from the truth. The people involved should apologize. To lie is to be a bad person. My two cents: there are people who'll do anything for money, it seems. If they really didn't mean no harm, forgiveness is possible, but they must ask for it first. Fernando and his family and friends, the true victims, should be compensated. Awful mistake making such a terrible movie.

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