Naach Ga Ghuma

2024 [MARATHI]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chand-suhas 6 / 10

Behind every successful woman, there is a maid!

Rani works at a bank and is heavily dependent on her maid Asha who always arrives late which directly impacts Rani and her family's day to day events. This causes a rift between Rani and Asha. Meanwhile Rani is taking part in a yoga competition organized by the bank along with her friend. Things escalate when Asha is late again which gets Rani's husband late for work as well as her daughter, late for school. The rash driving causes accident and Rani fires Asha. What happens when Rani realizes Asha's importance in her life and how do the two women reconcile, with the yoga competition around, forms rest of the story.

Mukta Barve and Namrata Sambherao are the saviors of this film, literally. With the runtime nearly 2hrs 20mins, the film is definitely long and the writing doesn't have the scope to be stretched this long. The screenplay is pretty much clichéd and at times filled with cheesy scenes, most importantly, it is outright predictable. This leaves the two stars, Mukta and Namrata to carry the film till the end, which they do exceptionally. The Jaanewalo Zara song and Sholay bit were funny but rest of the scenes didn't have the intended impact. The predictable third act is where Mukta and Namrata shine, making those lines instantly work. In short, Naach Ga Ghuma was worth watching for these two, despite all it's flaws.

Reviewed by talkmanasy 9 / 10

A Joyful Family Comedy: "Nach Ga Ghuma" Delights with Laughter and Heart

"Nach Ga Ghuma" is an enjoyable and family-friendly comedy that succeeds in delivering laughs and light-hearted entertainment. The chemistry between Mukta Barve and Namrata Sambherao stands out, as they bring a dynamic energy to their roles and a natural camaraderie that makes their interactions delightful to watch. Despite the occasional misstep with too many songs, the film's engaging storyline, charming characters, and clean humor make it a delightful watch for audiences of all ages. If you're looking for a movie that will brighten your day and leave you with a smile, "Nach Ga Ghuma" is a solid choice.

Reviewed by SaurabhAcharekar 10 / 10

An ordinary story of life turned into an Extraordinary movie!

"Naach Ga Ghuma" is everyday life story of ordinary people turned into an extraordinary art!

The premise is simple but the dialogues, direction, acting, comedy, drama & production quality is top notch. Story has heart, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you think. But most importantly it will make you forget everything and will capture you from start to end.

What I love about Paresh Mokashi & Madhugandha Kulkarni is that they never create a story just for a movie. They create a world for their each story and show us just 2 hours of that world. So it feels like these characters existed before the movie and will remain after the movie...we just saw a glimpse of their life.

And Mukta Barve, we always knew you are the best. But you proved once again why you are the BOSS! Its good to see you finally getting your due on silver screen. We want more of this!

Thank you "Naach Ga Ghuma" team for this amazing treat! Waiting for more!

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