My Oni Girl


Adventure / Animation / Drama / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57% · 7 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 891 891

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fadhilhwhwhw 5 / 10

Unexplained story

Honestly i don't really hate the movie but there was some unexplainable story and lore in this anime, that's make me curious about the story. Honestly i love the art style, cool graphics and i love the personality of every character in this movie. I just did'nt understand about the story perfectly, there was so many unexplained story and the ending is hanging for me, but the art style make balanced the story, i i just don't understand it perfectly. Maybe it's recommended for the childern to watch but i just think the story of this movie doesn't suitable for me, but yeah the art and the character is make it recommend to watch if you curious.

Reviewed by matarab-31722 10 / 10

Drifting home, eat your heart out

I dont get why this movie gets so much hate, in my opinion its better then both drifiting home and a whisker away, and is by far the best thing i have seen from studio colorido, most pf the comments i saw about this movie talked about how hiragii has no personality, of course hiragii wouldnt have much of a personality in the start, even though the reason he went on the journey with tsumugi originally to help her, during the journey, with her help he learns he needs to stand up for him selfe, something that would have never happened, if he stayed back home, its called charecter development, besides he and tsumugi have exceptional chemistry and are actually pretty cute together, its the opposites attract kind of romance, plus i also find hiragii really relatable, i too am a guy who cares alot about helping people even if i dont know them, me and him also basically look the same so it felt like i was in the movie wich made it even more immersive for me, the animation is also crazy good, some of the best i have seen in 2024 so far

so overall i really reccomend this movie, dont listen to the hate comments, its worth it.

Reviewed by kmas-29951 8 / 10

Visual stunning and overwhelming emotion

This anime movie is all about a high school student who helps a oni girl to find her mom was quit interesting story for me eventually their are so many events are undergoing which I tough to catch up and so many side characters which are just left behind but the bond between hiiragi and tsumugi was heartwarming unmatched and incredible entertainment for me

The author puts so many effort to make this movie good which I can feel it

The visual was sooooo good for me And music was good not great for me Ending was good The tsumugi mom character was good in just short time was a positive for me

Definitely recommend anime movie I give 8/10.

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