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Camila Mendes as Isabella
Rudy Mancuso as Rudy
Andrés Muschietti as Subway Busker
J.B. Smoove as Anwar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ethanbresnett 6 / 10

Ironically this film doesn't make enough noise!

Musica is a strange film, because despite the fact it has a couple of strong leads, a relatively novel concept and decent plot, and an approachable runtime, it still feels a little empty.

I think ultimately the emotional core to this movie just doesn't resonate. All of the connections to the characters were are too surface level. It needed more. More passion. More drama. Maybe that is the real issue with this film. It strangely lacks passion given that the subject matter is a man pursuing his passion. It felt like it needed to raise its voice a bit more.

That being said there are some fun creative choices with the use of sound and music, and as mentioned the lead performances are pretty strong for the way the roles were written.

So although this film never quite dips into being bland, it flirts with the idea but just about manages to stay entertaining. It could have done with an injection of passion or something just to give it more of a spark, but it is a relatively easy and fun watch nonetheless.

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 7 / 10

Musica fantastica

Rudy is torn between 2 lovers and feeling like a fool. Pressured by his Mum and friends to sort himself out, but all he wants to do is make music and play with his puppets. Dumped by his girlfriend but then meets another girl who urges him on.

I had no idea what this was going to be like, and at first it sort of reminded me of Little Shop of Horrors in the way it combines theatre type performing, film acting and puppetry.

It deftly handles problems with breakups and the 'tween time' from the breakup to the meeting someone new. We've probably all been there and we've also been at that point in our lives when we have no proper clue what we are doing.

Isabella prompts him to pursue his dream and because of his amorous intentions to her he does just that. His mother, played by his real life Brazilian mother Maria Mancuso, is so perfect for the role it's untrue. Her first time ever in a movie too.

The cinematography is playful and I love the live action scenes where his synaesthesia is playing up. Everything about this film is great. Odd in parts, but likeable anyway.

This is Rudy's directorial debut and I believe he's struck paydirt instantly. Can't wait to see what else he does. A solid 7 from me.

Reviewed by Amy2710 9 / 10

Sweet, funny, original

A creative and clever movie about a different kind of guy, Musica shows us what it's like to live with synesthesia, hearing rhythm in everyday sounds.

Musica is filled with bright colors, percussive movement and beautiful music. It's a coming of age film that shows Rudy struggling through life and love as he strives to be himself. And yes, there are puppets.

This is a sweet story of a young man finding his way in the world. Rated PG-13 you could watch with your mom and not be embarrassed for a moment.

Anyone from an ethnic family - any ethnicity - will get the nuances of the family relationships, the ties to the neighborhood, and always being asked if you've eaten.

I highly recommend this entertaining and lovely movie.

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