Murder Weapon


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

A real B-feature

MURDER WEAPON is a cheap and quickly-shot horror flick of 1989, made by David DeCoteau. It's a lot better than his other housebound horrors made more recently, such as the terminally bad '1313' series of the early 2010s. This one features a prominent turn for the often-naked Linnea Quigley; she plays one of a bunch of characters holed up in a house where a mysterious killer is violently dispatching most of the male guests. There are femme fatales here, silly over the top sex scenes, endless nudity, and one amusingly grotesque death scene inspired by a similar one in Friday the 13th. It's cheesy and trashy for sure, but for DeCoteau it's actually semi-decent.

Reviewed by meghancoker 5 / 10

Cheap and Hilarious

Two friends with mobsters for fathers get out of an asylum and plan a party for all their male admirers, but a psychotic black-gloved killer crashes the party and begins killing them one by bloody one.

Part slasher and part exploitation cheapie, Murder Weapon somehow has both way too much going on and not enough going on. It feels as if most of the script was written by throwing darts at a list of character types, themes, and genres and the overall mix can be a bit mystifying.

It's very hard to hear a lot of the dialogue and film equipment frequently make cameos, but Linnea Quigley is nothing if not dependable, lending a lot of tongue in cheek charm to her role. Some of the makeup effects during the death scenes are very impressive and some are painfully hokey, but that's all part of the fun. Have a few beers, sit back, and enjoy the movie.

Reviewed by currax 3 / 10

Murder Weapon is not good, but you probably guessed that if you looked at the video box

This movie is a bad movie. But after watching an endless series of bad horror movies, I can say that it is a little different from many I have seen. Not in the plot, which is a fairly regular slasher story, but more the way the scenes are cut. Murder Weapon gives us a lot of inane dialogue scenes, but they go on for a lot longer than in most movies of this type. Because of this some of the victims seem slightly less like cardboard cut-outs. Just slightly. I had a difficult time figuring out exactly what was happening at the beginning and kept wondering if certain events were dream sequences. My favorite scene is when two guys are on the run from the killer and take refuge in a car. In the glove compartment, they find a handgun. "Thank you, God!" one of them happily exclaims. That guy's head suddenly looks like a mannequin's head, and it went on for just enough time for me to wonder, "What is that? Where is that mannequin in relation to the two guys in the car?" Then BOOM! The head explodes and I figured out that it was supposed to be one of the guys in the car getting his head shot off with a shotgun. I love that scene, but the movie is a very bad movie. 3/10.

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