Murder of a Cat


Comedy / Crime / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27% · 11 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.3/10 10 1798 1.8K


Top cast

J.K. Simmons as Sheriff Frank Hoyle
Nikki Reed as Greta Chiplinsky
Greg Kinnear as Alistair Ford
Blythe Danner as Edie Moisey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cinnyaste 2 / 10

Strives To Be Mundane

Check any screen writing manual for definitions of plot point, twist, rising action. Then the RomCom playbook: meet girl, lose girl by self, regain girl, lose girl to externals, win girl.


The script for "Murder of a Cat" is a textbook example. Each move is telegraphed. Each line moves toward the big twist right on time at minute 77. It may not be enough to discount this, or any film, but sadly there's nothing else to recommend it.

The chemistry between Nikki Reed and Fran Kranz is nonexistent. The former sleepwalks through a thankless, underwritten part while the latter, a sexless man-child living with Mom, was surely directed to angrily shout every line. Even the venerable J.K. Simmons phones it in, as does Greg Kinnear. Only Blythe Danner turns in a nuanced performance.

Further, Fran Kranz isn't a character, he's an annoying, trite and insulting caricature that's an affront to sensibility.

That leaves only plot: a Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew quest for the killer of Franz' cat. The yawn-inducing trail leading to the killer is paved with inane set pieces rolled in obvious that the filmmakers incorrectly believed was quirk.

There's a slapdash, let's-get-this-over feel to the proceedings which may derive from a tight shooting schedule. That might be forgiven, but when the cast isn't invested that feeling wafts over the footlights to hapless audiences. That conceit is the worst aspect in this useless film.

"Murder of a Cat" is an unfunny, undramatic, unwatchable insult not worthy of anyone's time. Maybe your cat will like it. (Maybe they'll wish for the same fate as the cinematic feline.)

Reviewed by danieljfarthing 6 / 10

Unremarkable, silly indie dramedy-thriller with some decent performances

In 2014's silly indie dramedy-thriller "Murder Of A Cat" odd-ball loner Fran Kranz (Bradley Cooper-lite) lives in a cosy corner of LA with mum Blythe Danner & his cat... but in probing (with, reluctantly, cop JK Simmons) the latter's murder via a cross-bow bolt he gets drawn into a thin small-town crime plot involving the likes of Nikki Reed (good), Greg Kinnear & Leonardo Nam. Christian Magalhaes & debutant Robert Snow's screenplay is light but ambitiously tries crossing a few genres, and debut director Gillian Greene brings it home decently enough on what appears to be a shoestring budget. It's unremarkable fare, though does have some likeable performances. Meh.

Reviewed by Suradit 3 / 10

Boring, she wrote

Clinton is a socially inept and challenged young man who lives in his mother's basement where he makes small action figure dolls. His best friend is a 17 year old cat. The cat is murdered. Clinton decides to play detective. It turns out the cat was leading a double life with another owner-friend, Greta, who thought the cat was hers. She is a young woman who lives in a senior citizens' home. Clinton and Greta then do some detecting together and uncover nefarious doings at a local department store that relate, quite improbably, to the cat's murder. I'm not sure who the intended audience for this film is meant to be, but I'd say fans of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew might find it barely entertaining. As a half-hour or one-hour TV show, it would have been somewhat tolerable, but running an hour and forty minutes it dragged on way too long. Considering some of the actors involved, Greg Kinnear & Blythe Danner, among others, I expected a better quality result. Unfortunately it was more tedious and ridiculous than amusing or intriguing. The supposed suspense and mystery never really amounted to anything that would keep the viewer engaged. Although there was a romantic connection that developed between the two central characters, even that was unbelievable. There were some chuckles along the way, but they were few and far between. It was a major disappointment.

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