Murder Company


Action / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 3.0/10 10 190 190

Top cast

Kelsey Grammer as General Haskel
William Moseley as Southern
Joe Anderson as Smith
Gilles Marini as Daquin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hamish-jon-mclean 3 / 10

low budget effects, poor story, and incorrect weaponry,

Watched the first 30 minutes, then quit.

The first.1 minute had a parachute drop with 101st, ok... yes that's accurate, but then the sergeant (first character) had a MP40 in has back. He meets a private with a Thompson. So if you are going to have one guy with a Thompson, why give the sergeant a German SMG?

That's where it started, and it didn't get any better. Tried to give characters a backstory, with some dialogue about 'what would you do if you weren't in the war" and answer was "well I wouldn't be here that's for sure!".

Come on... if you want to spend time on development, give them something the audience can relate to.

Reviewed by andrea-91395 2 / 10

Usual low budget war film

I have thought about this for a long time and will share my thoughts. There are so many low-budget war films out there and they all share the same qualities: less than 10 soldiers on each side running around a forest which could be your backyard; no wide angle or crane camera shots - everything looks like it was filmed with an iPhone; and less than riveting acting and dialogue. There are occasionally actors familiar from the 80's like Toms Berringer or Sizemore. I'm sure it is the same in all genres but I notice it most in war films. They just don't cut it. Maybe there is the odd Blair Witch low budget gem out there but I haven't found it.

Reviewed by vikingtales 2 / 10

Just How...

Just how did this movie get a 7.1 rating, it's a miracle.

I didn't make more than half of this movie before I bailed, it started with a US paratrooper hanging from a tree, trying to collect what looks like a German made what looks like an MP38 or MP40 SMG, also carried by yet another US soldier later in the scene.

Just why are these US Para's carrying German made SMG's, and why can't film makers get the small details right for crying out loud !!!, even to the point that the company has a Black member, now although there were African-American troops in service during WW2, they were in a different unit, they would not have been in a predominantly white unit... but it's 2024 so any thing goes it seems except telling history as it was.

What a waste of Kelsey Grammer, still !!! He got paid so he must be happy with his contribution.

Not being told correctly as history was, but it seems made for entertainment, shame it didn't entertain me. 2/10

Or in homework terms F+ must try harder.

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